3 Tips for Getting Started in Photoshop!

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Today Aaron shares three tips to help you get started in Photoshop! Learn how to edit using Adjustment Layers to avoid damaging your original photos, learn how to use Layer Masks to show and hide parts of any Layer, and learn the importance of saving your photos as both a .PSD and .JPG.

Download the Sample Image:

Learn more about Adjustment Layers:



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LensPassions Photography says:

Nice simple tips for beginners

Don Collins says:

Brilliant tutorial for anyone who has never used Photoshop before. I’ll be recommending this to people as the first video to watch before starting with Photoshop.

BenyQuinonez says:

Why have I never used adjustment layers? D:

Second Crop Creative says:

RIP Azure Window (the image in the example) – swallowed up by a storm in the Mediterranean Sea

Farish F. says:

thumbnail seriously looked like chocolate bars on a shiny table

marvin ligart studio says:

He is going all out now

Charles Welch says:

Another well presented vlog.

Noealz Photo says:

A lil too late for me but still a nice vid

Trevor Dengu says:

hello Aaron, i’ve watched a lot of your tutorials but there is one technic missing or i haven’t seen from your collection….if you can please make a tutorial on how to turn your picture into a cartoon, that would be helpful

JuliasGallery LLC says:

Thank you @aanacer

Dan Diehm says:

Very good beginner’s episode, Aaron. I have been watching your channel for years and always either learn something new, or strengthen my knowledge. Well done!

Rudy2053 says:

Hi Aaron….I was watching one of your videos, and you mentioned that you can copy and transfer the skin texture of another face texture, using the spot healing brush…..that would be a very helpful tutorial for many of us. Thanks, you are the greatest.

Tony H says:

I enjoy these tutorials even if I already know the techniques it never hurts to be refreshed.
My one question is why save to psd and not tif?

Bilal Riaz says:

Hi Aaron. Sequence and guideline was to helpful. hope you will create more videos like this. (y)

ShadowlessFist says:

Another fab addition

Anita Ruiz says:

What about saving for print? Will the web save print well??

Franco Rizzo says:

YOO! Is that photo from Malta?? That arch doesn’t exist anymore. It fell down during a serious storm last year on March 8th 2018

El Güegüense Macho Ratón says:

Beautiful tips, great!

Marius Pilipas says:

Can you add a tutorial how to change black into any colour in ps?:)

genesis2303 says:

Hi Aron can you do torn paper with brush?

Travis Kraft says:

I used to love Flickr. Too bad it went down the crapper.

Philip Micallef says:

Ah Dwera is the EXAMPLE 🙂

Dennis H says:

Too much damn advertisements….. hate all the interruptions. No I will not by red

General Gobnik says:

The place shown in the pic belongs to the past now

Ajibade Olayinka Simeon says:

Cool tutorial

Janet Cook says:

Well explained Aaron!

shivam kamaansing says:

Great video. As always

stell4you says:

What’s coming next? How to turn your computer on?

Marius Pilipas says:

Hey I am a phlearn pro member and would love to see more ultra advanced tutorials, like “liquid portrait”
And thanks for this one as well:))

The Hurricane says:

Why not save as a png?

PlAyHoUsE 305 says:

PS is a powerful tool. And can literally make you thousands if not millions (If used correctly) I’m able to make videos all day everyday for my business and also make youtube videos in my spare time

Artur JB Costa says:

Great, thumbs UP!

rwiersema says:

When you said beginner tips you weren’t kidding 🙂

Ezra Koper says:

Excelent starting in Photoshop

Sagerbomb says:

why am i painting black back onto it but it comes out as brown?

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