3D Caricature Photoshop Tutorial


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Ancient Princess says:

When you separated the head, torso, and arms. You used the pen tool, and made it as a selection. Then copied it to its own layer? You drag and drop it using the direct selection tool? Correct?

Sai Mani says:

sir send me ur brush tools..

Walker Allen says:

Nice work, greetings from China


Wtf is this.! How are we supposed to learn from this if you go so fast and skip the steps.

Keera Flausn says:


Manas Chhatria says:

Number do Bhai editing karna hi

HAMID 000 says:


MrLovaLova says:

“3D CaRiCaTuRe PhOtOsHoP tUtoRiAl”

yasin guler says:

how did you open the brush window?

Ihmisen Kuva says:

Would’ve been almost decent if you actually painted that, rather than smudge a photo a little. Phony.

Logan & Daniel says:

why not just select the parts needed and use surface blur :/ seems a lot of time wasted for the same result

Vitez Koja says:

I’m investigating photoshop lessons and discovered an awesome website at trevs photoblueprint (look it up on google)

Gustavim Mioli says:

man I need

Ameer Hamza says:

plzzz tell me


trying 2 figure out how you did the hair when i try the brush stays onr direction

Faiz Ashar says:

apakah. nda menger kaa!!!!!

Vah!D Terorist says:

low disk :))))))) 06:02
get out here

Facundo Parra says:

Exelent video!

Habib Asr says:

It helped me a lot!! thanks dude…!

Rashmi Manodhas says:

This is too fast…stuck up in the midst !!! Please add commands while like subtitle

قصص واقعية says:

ابقاك تصمم ليـّۓ صوره زيها

Moreno Embrazadão says:

Likee amigão

Lil Kachi says:

Criminal, cri-criminal
Tu estilo, tu flow, baby muy criminal

Kehinde Kayode Akinseli says:

Awesome …

DA Graphics says:

Awesome work pro (Y)
Check my channel too (:

KotKtoryChodziłPoGłowieAdama says:


Rakshit Music says:

Can you edit my pic bro ?

Gaurav jaiswal says:

Arunz Creation, if you are available for a freelance project on caricature please email me on jaiswal.gaurav999@gmail.com

forever young says:

u call this tutorial? there are no pro here…..we just want to learn how to do it


what brush are you using for this please tell me the name plac

Raffaele Monaco says:


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