5 MUST-KNOW Photoshop Retouching Tips and Tricks for Photographers – Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn 5 must-know Photoshop retouching tips and tricks.

They include:

– Load Luminosity as a Selection (00:31)
– Spot Healing Brush Tool Modes (02:41)
– Same Image Two Windows (06:37)
– Targeted Selections with Color Range (11:21)
– Use the Lab Color Mode (13:32)

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Shagun 5 Studios says:

Who did that one dislike

David Croft says:

Very technical, but great advice. Really learned something with this great tutorial. Thank you.

Justin Berrington says:

Lee Varis is another great resource for working in LAB. Check out his 10 channel workflow series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-s8m_v90sM&list=PL6729E29FEC24AE47&index=13

Creative Me says:

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Dr. Safvat says:

Real efficient tutorial.

Dougie Fresh says:

Class A work

im4ubabe says:

Grrrreat Help!!!. Thank you.

create media says:

more videos here subscribe now

David Miller says:

I’m not a photographer, but this will help in my graphic and web design and video editing projects. I’m sure you’ve experienced clients not giving you the best assets to work with and things need doctoring up prior to use.

Shagun 5 Studios says:

No dislikes 326 likes amazing man

Travis Carroll says:

I retouch for a living and I still picked up a couple of new tips here, Good work man!

ekta shah says:

thanks for these tips…

Tenzin Samphel says:

thank you so much

MegaLordization says:

definitely going to my favorite videos

Israel Barroso says:

hi, this is the best ph tutorial that i´ve saw for long time, i like the video timing great work!!

Thierry Wybauw says:

Awesome, i’m sold to do a couple of runs on the LAB-mode, Cheers !

DAY LIGHT VIEW Création says:

good job bro!

RoHiT Chapke says:

Despite the title says 5 must-know tips, there are soooooo many useful tips in this video…..Thanks a lot for this!!!!

jdavidholmes says:

Great!! I always learn something new

Syed Sajjad says:

sir how we creat a two images in one background? Before and After please make tutorial

Parkhousephotography says:


John Spencer says:


akcanSoft says:

Very Good. Thanks!

Iain says:

Some useful tips here, especially the last one. Thanks Jesús.

Paweł Witkowski says:

Was expecting tips that are well know and surprisingly took few new interesting ones, great stuff, well done ! 🙂

Luc Lochard says:

very well explained. you know your subjects

Diane Howden says:

Great, very useful information and easy to follow,

R Garlin says:

I especially like the last one – using a smart object to retain Lab Mode adjustments when switching into & out of RGB! Thanks a million, Jesús R!

Rui Coelho says:


Jimmy KY says:

Very nice and helpful.  Thank you!

Ron den Breems says:

You explain so well and choose such interesting and useful subjects and options!
It’s a pleasure listening to you and seeing you explain Photoshop.
(a Dutch fan)

Александр Пепеляев says:

i love Tips and Tricks tutorial

Niraj films says:

u so good man…

rahul dey says:


vinnu nani says:

thats aswm sir

Richard Harkins says:

Thank you Jesus, I really enjoyed this tutorial. The tips about the clone stamp tool (rotating and scaling up or down) will in come in handy all the time. Thanks again!!!

Anchors and Anvils studio says:

This has been the most surprising helpful video tutorial I’ve seen on YouTube in a while, great job!

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