6 Secret Steps to Nail Instagram Quality! – Photoshop Tutorial

Besides the best export settings for Instagram, discover the extra steps we need to take to make our images stand out! In this tutorial, we will go through ‘6 Golden Steps to Make Your Images Look Amazing on Instagram’ using Photoshop.

Right from making sure the color doesn’t change when you upload, to getting the sharpest results, we will cover it all. Whether you are starting from Lightroom or Photoshop, we will learn the right way to compress our images without compromising image quality.

1. Sample Image: http://bit.ly/2OpI4vU
2. Finished PSD: http://bit.ly/2Oolggc (Only for our Patreon Family)
3. Faded Warm LUT: http://bit.ly/2JEaRfF

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Debby Herold says:

One of your best videos to date!

Meld says:

What we need to know is the maximum file size in KB allowed before IG will recompress.
The maximum resolution Instagram will accept is 1080 wide x 1350 tall, so probably best for you to just resize to that or if smaller, then pad it yourself. If it is a landscape photo, then rotate the photo 90° as it’s better to keep the higher resolution than downsizing the pic. Actually what I see some doing with landscapes is splitting it into two images.

Roland Rick says:

The upload tip is awesome

Gianluca Giacoppo says:

so many people that still didn’t know about the “Inspect” in Chrome wow

Jaydev Singh says:

Nice hair style btw

Sk Firoj says:

Please Make a video on , How perfectly export images for printing , Thank you for making this video it is very useful and help us a lot.

Antonio Rosalez says:

Can not express how thankful I am for your channel man. Allows me to learn the art I love and be creative in my own way. So appreciative. You’re awesome man!

bayarmonkh manaljav says:


Eli says:

Before I watched this video I changed the background to white and now I see it here as a recommendation. Though, white is hard on the eyes when editing. Awesome tips!

Misael Aguilar says:

this guy is more starter than that guy of phlearn

Mat Prommel says:

your the BOSS!

John Wylie Jr says:

Forget Photoshop World Conference , we need Unmesh World Conference ! Bravo once again.

Gustavo Rodriguez says:

amazing! thanks man

Map 9 says:

Perfect tutorial !! Did you used PS 2019?

Saurav Jyoti says:

Thanks for this. I really confused about it.

Dan Daniel says:

Awesome! 🙂

Jaydev Singh says:

I mirror my pc screen to smartphone to know exactly how it gonna look in phone. Am I doing right or it doesn’t makes any sense

TIMP91 says:

last tip changed my exporting game

Ian Rutter says:

What a rocking great tutorial.
The difference in quality is excellent. I’ve just started Instagram and this has got me on the right path.
As always, a great tutorial. Incredibly clear to follow and well worth anyone’s 15minutes.
The last tip is gold mine. Last week I had downloaded an Android emulator. I can see the chrome tip being used more and more.
A very happy subscriber.

Di Bartole says:

Bonus will not work in Safari, right!? Only Chrome – no 3 dots in Safari 🙁

Juan Cruz Gonzalez says:

THE LAST TIP, CHANGE MY LIFE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU

Sam Fisher says:

You nailed here bro !!

Thura Zaw says:

Lets’ get started 🙂

Gregory Roth says:

Fantastic on the bonus tip!

Dani Gareta says:

Wow! This bonus tip…

Abhiraj Basak says:

can I use cracked Photoshop cc on original Windows 10? will be there any problems?

Fábio Ferreira says:

someone give this guy a medal

Team Rocket says:


BlazersFan 360 says:

For uploading to Instagram it looks like he is using Chrome. For those of you who are using Firefox your going to want to download and add-on called Mobile View Switcher that simply does the same thing Unmesh shows you in this video. Happy Photoshopoing 🙂

Ernst van Loon says:

First reaction: you’re making some adjustments to the image while in 8bits sRGB. Why not do this in the most versatile mode ProPhoto 16bits and as a last step convert to 8bits sRGB?

gopi vanama says:

Brother nun movie poster tutorial plzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Wisnu Broto says:

with firefox seems not working, but with chrome…it work….

John Dawson says:

Great info, thanks! Here’s a quick and easy way to add that final pop to any photo:
1 – Create a layer of all visible layers (Command-Option-Shift-E or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E)
2 – Set the blend mode of the new layer to Overlay
3 – Add a Gaussian blur to the new layer. You want the subject to be just slightly blurry.
4 – Reduce the opacity of the layer until it looks good (typically somewhere in the 8-15 range)
That’s it!

Christoph Za says:

the Bonus tip was golden!

胡晓军 says:


Lenus Ng says:

Awesome tips man!
Nice tutorial!
Subscribed and Bell-ed !

Sensel İstanbul says:

Very easy to follow, informative and helpful. The way it is narrated within a discipline makes you watch and implement it with ease.

Sophie Keep says:

My mind was blown when you showed that last tip haha and great video I remember asking for something like this a little while ago 😀

Amandeep Kaloti says:

Question: Converting it to SRGB is it suggested for Instagram ONLY? or should it be converted for any and all postings on Web and for Jpeg conversion?

Jarvin Hernandez says:

Thank you man , this is awesome

georgina kuok says:

Hi, i don’t have the toggle device toolbar icon in my developer tools 🙁

The Benster says:

Awesome Video! Bonus Tip Sheesh! Just to understand it, why do we put the Export quality to 73% and not 100%, is it to reduce the compression Instagram is going to apply? Thx!

Raffukc Zeta says:

Why did not you change the depth? is fine 300dpi for instagram?

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