Add Depth and Make Your Pictures more 3D, Photoshop tutorial

My sponsors (click the blue button that says sponsor) will get the raw image from he tutorial so they can follow me along while editing, and will also get my dodge and burn action, sharpen action and snow overlay

Behind The Scenes Video from this shoot :

Dodge and Burn actions :

How I Sharpen the Images :

Music :
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Float – [ocean jams]
Black Tie – Christian Nanzell

Model Adeliese :

HMUA Emilia :

Image shot with Canon 5d mrk iii +
Canon 85mm 1.2L

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john wheatley says:

Excellent stuff – Thank you 🙂

Mikkelsen says:

Great video. I am wondering, how many focus points are you using on a picture like this one. I believe you are focused on the face.

Sherri Braunstadter says:

Absolutely love your channel! Other photographers charge to show tutorials, you are here for those of us who cannot afford that stuff. What we learn here is priceless!!

karanjit singh says:

Which software u use to edit photos

Brian Reid says:

Hey Irene. Just something that popped in my head while watching. How much does the position of the sun on an overcast day like that affect how you position your model? Where is the sun in this shot?


Восхитительно! Спасибо!

Callie Zimmerman says:

Love your tutorials!

Alix 710 says:

love itttt thank you! great work

Serbian Photographer says:

Great irena

Hanson Victorio says:

Wonderfull helpfull

Nature Mermaid says:

everything i know in photoshop i have learned from you <3 love your vids <3 keep up the good work 🙂

Gerhard Wagner says:

Hello Irene, I would like to ask you a question, what’s the name of a dress? As a man, I do not know me that way and would look for something like that for a shoot, I would be very happy about an answer. nice greeting from Germany, Gerd.

Christy says:

i dont have the option to load the artistic filter things in camera raw. did you have to change settings to access this option? Im not sure why I dont have the option.

Irene Rudnyk says:

Hey guys thank you for watching! As I mentioned, Sponsors will get all my actions for free + a snow overlay and a raw image from the tutorial so they can follow me while I edit.
And here are the timestamps :
Camera Raw 0:44
Crop 1:48
Skin retouch 4:33
Liqufy 10:53
New technique to add Depth 12:13
Color Correction 14:22
Dodge and Burn 17:14
Make image more 3D 19:32
Before and After 22:57

Michael Becker says:

Ever heard of layer masks ??? 🙂

thatchinaboi says:

It would be interesting to take the same shot with the same FOV on a Kerlee 35 f1.2 lens. Being able to get much closer will allow a pretty impressive shallow depth of field, and because it is a full body shot you don’t have to worry about lens distortion on the subject. Finally, being able to shoot much closer will give the image more depth and thus more of a 3D look. The compression of the 85 takes away from that more immersive look that you would otherwise achieve from the Kerlee IMHO.

juanmaasecas says:

I love your editing, you’re such a great artist with a wonderful vision, but in this particular image I feel it more 3d before the editing.

rayonhutsonphoto says:

Irene, you know you can use the alt button on your keyboard to sample a color instead of clicking on the sample tool right lol

Martin Caird says:

Thank you for another great video, I look forward to seeing them.

Tia DeGiobbi says:

Your editing is always stylized byt never excesisve. Absolutely stunning work.

Ismael Cruz says:

Great tutorial!! Great results!!
One thing: you don’t mind about chromatic aberrations? I see some on the dress,personally I HATE IT lol

Konstantin Zander says:

Irene! Awesome vid, as always 🙂 I am just a little confused as to why you’d increase cyan to add more green instead of lowering the magenta slider in the selective color adj layer?

James says:

You are amazing Irene! I always find your editing videos super helpful.

Chris Bailey says:

What are your patch tool settings? Have you adjusted the hardness or flow?

Mehope Clark says:

Love your work Irene❤️your so talented!!

Wahab Dilawar says:

This is easily one of the best post processing tutorial on YouTube. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

carlosrania says:

Your video inspire me and I did this picture for my daughter I didn’t find bike I hope you like it thank you

Tia DeGiobbi says:

So flipping good! I will most definitely be using these techniques

Ellen Malova says:

Abundant awesomeness! Thank you, Irene! 😀

Simon Eriksson says:

Have you tried content aware scaling? It’s a lot better than just transforming a selection for this purpose in my opinion. ^_^

Polani Almoni says:

Great tutorial, the pic looks blurred and there are noticeable purple fringing, is it always like that with this lens at 1.2? Kinda disappointing.

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