Add Dreamy Colors of Autumn in 5 Steps | Photoshop Tutorial

Create the Warm Autumn or Fall Look in Photoshop in just 5 Steps!

Make your image pop with vibrant colors, light effects, and filters, and learn the magical techniques to apply them. From manually highlighting the hair to coloring the trees, from dodging and burning to adding custom vignettes, we are going to cover a lot of fun stuff.

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Starting with getting the light and the tone right, we will use curves to get a good starting point, and from there, we’ll go on adding non-destructive adjustment layers like Hue and Saturation, Levels, Color Lookup etc. along with masking to make up for all the 5 steps aimed to take care of colors, filters, dodging and burning, correction, light effects and more. I hope this video helps you!

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RdyPlyOne says:

Would you please consider doing reviews of programs like: Afinity Photo, Macphun luminar, On1 Photo Raw, etc. I personally can afford PS and LR but I know many can’t. Would love your take on things you like/dis-like about other programs.

Nethesh Nano says:

Really excellent . Keep doing more videos. I’m a crazy fan of your tutorial . Thanks for all

Life21 Channel says:

great video and nice background bhai

subrata mitra says:

in one word awsome

Jay Juhwan Jung says:

so missed your lesson. Why did it take so long? :-))

1986viji says:

Great! explanation Thank you!

Es Zee says:

Awesome tutorial. Thank you so much!

Skype 1 says:

Truly awesome!!!

keem pono says:

Another awesome lesson. Thanks!

Charlie O'Brien says:

Unmesh, I’ve been using PS for many years – but I get a lot out of your series of tutorials. Good work!!

MrMoonpie001 says:

Great job, sure beats the heck out of making selections. I enjoyed the workflow. I have found myself using this method of the layered mask for a while now, my favorite part is to add the filters, this changes everything and is a must when making a composition to set the mood of the final shot. This is how you make a daylight photo into a nighttime photo (blue) or to make it daylight (orange). Again, thanks for the workflow order and the hint about making groups (this is really big). One other thing I do often is blur using this same method making the picture into a smart object thus getting control with a layer mask.

I appreciate all you do!


Sanjay Ronza says:

Excellent work… your learning technique is really awesome… keep posting

piumi prasadini says:

Good work & keep it up dear

Shoeb saiyad says:

First liker and commenter
6th viewer

Daan says:

I like watching you, shows what adjusting a picture actually can do. HUUUGE diffrence! learning more each time

Seb says:

Great video as always! Keep up the good work.

Harnish Jariwala says:

Thanks for the Great Video… 🙂

Mario Mifsud says:

Excellent explained with good English that could be understand. Keep up your good work and thanks for your full support to those who want to learn.

Gary Rivera says:

thanks! great to see you again! and learn with u!!

Sabyasachi Chatterjee says:


Snakespeer says:

You are the best teacher EVER ……You are the “God Of Photoshop Tutorials ” . please Unmesh fulfill my request about the Vanishing Point Tutorial in Photoshop CC 2018 pleeeeeeeeeeeease .

I want to use Vanishing Point to fix tiles or brick walls …etc . I don’t want to use it to add fonts. it is as if i want to use it instead of the clone stamp tool to get a perfect result .

SP Chaurasiya says:

your tutorials are amazing. Photoshop has never been this easy before.
Can you make tutorials on how to make caricatures out of portraits?

Randy Skeen says:

Great tips. The one about the long press-right click had been a thorn in my pen for a long time. Mucho thanks!

tech narendra says:

Hello bhai kaha chle gaye the itne din. Me ap ke video ka wait kar raha tha

Allen Entertainz says:

i love your videos

Keith Andrews says:

Thanks Unmesh, another great tip ‘targeting hue/saturation’ thanks for uploading.

Santi García says:

You’re amazing Unmesh! Thanks a lot!


Piximperfect Really helps me i hope now I’m a professional

Vengo Regis says:

Hearty congratulation Brother i saw your channel today only and really get impressed… i have one clarification.. that is what is the software you used for getting capture your screen and what are the editing software you used regularly ? very clear to your video and audio and all other animations… Give me the details ma..! Thank you… Keep Creating…

Samir Basnet says:

Awesome contents. Bro one request can you please make a tutorial to make moody images like we see on instagram thats kind of faded withoud making the image dark and loosing much details

Varun Thakur says:

Can you please make a tutorial on how to edit images like Brandon Woelfel ! Plz i beg you!!!!

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