Can We REALLY Remove Banding? | Photoshop Tutorial

8-bit or 16-bit? Explore the Science Behind Why Banding Happens and What Can We Do to Remove It with Photoshop! In this video, join me on a journey to understand the properties of banding, why it occurs, and how it reacts to image quality or bit-depth.

We will also touch upon a variety of subjects like whether blurring removes banding or which bit-depth to work on: 8-bit or 16-bit? I hope this tutorial helps you. Thank you for watching 🙂

1. Sample Image:

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Michele Rossi says:

loving your tutorials, thank you 🙂 btw you can’t say ‘much more better’ in English, as ‘better’ is already comparative. Much more + adjective is ok 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me saying this.

Aliyan Khan says:

bro please come live..

Rueben James says:

Nice tutorial-I had problems with this and never understood why until now. Thank you.

Mukesh Kp says:

Thanks a lot Unmesh. Nice tutorial

Dipti Pol says:

u r absolute legend of photoshop, i learnt lot from ur videos

Ivan Chea says:

Dayum, you’re so good. Definitely my PS Guru. Thanks for the tutorials.

Alexey Kominch says:

Что не так с твоими бровями

Pixelworks Photography says:

Thank you so much

Blind Design says:

Good Video good job

Santi Maspons Bonet says:

Each bit doubles the color depth. 16 bit has 256 times more depth than 8 bit.

jenn t says:

I needed this video thank you!!!

John Michaelson says:

Very useful for some of my astrophotos that I need to stretch but can only do so much with curves before lots of banding in the dark background starts showing up. I try to shoot 16 bit but sometimes need to post-process in 8-bit. Thanks!

Phend Hein says:

I still see banding at 16 bit ._.

Lars Erik Fjøsne says:

Or you could just tick “dither” and your gradient problem is solved.

Seyed Ali Hoseinyfar says:

Thank You Very Much

Mr HAx says:

why don’t u start teaching Premiere ?

Amos Atwell says:

Nice! Bro on another note, how did you make your intro?

Ashraf Ahmed Khan says:

Afaik, Banding occurs in 8-bit images only. It is absent in images having depth of 10-bit and above

Anj Mansilongan says:

One of the best channel. Please make one for lightroom as well.

Hansel Fernandes says:

Niceee .. thank u .. waiting to try it out :))

Eli says:

I literally spend an hour’s trying to figure out if web supports 16bits and here you are answering my question!

watchyourst3p says:

I love this little indian fellow. LOL

Tin-Sew David says:

any beginner Pr tutorial in the future? 😀

Pradip Thapa says:

Thank you for this tutorial

Dipti Pol says:

kindly explain l’il more for 8 bit & 16 bit like what mode to use regularly & what about 32 bit

Gary Wayne says:

what is wrong with banding btw?

Sachin Shukla says:


dog man says:

Best tutorial on banding ever!! clean cut clever knowledge.

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