Crazy Trick To Replace Sky in Seconds! – Photoshop Tutorial

Remove or Replace Blue Skies Using this Quick Trick in Photoshop! Learn how to combine Channels with Blend-If to remove the blues from the bright skies, thus making it transparent. Then, we will learn how to refine the edges and the selection as a whole.

In this tutorial, I have two examples for you to follow along and develop a better understanding of Layer Styles or Blending Options, and how to take advantage of the same to target the skies.

I hope this tutorial helps you. Thank you for watching 🙂

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skorpioflo says:

I’m learning a ton with your channel, seriously. Thank you very much!

Garcsik Ferenc says:

You are awesome! Thank you for your teach!

ramesh T says:

Excellent, very very important and useful method for me. Thank you so much.

Lori Powell says:

Very good tutorial. I’ve been using Photoshop for almost 15 years, and I never knew this trick.

BishopJAC says:

Awesome! Thank you

Susanta Debnath says:

How to use freefrom pen tool for hair ..plz plz iske upar ak video banaiye


amazing tuto thanks bro

romeo bodano says:

thank you idol!

Mounir Ps says:

That is a good idea, I like your ways of teaching my friend. thanks in advance.

roshith I says:

Great tutorial as always, Unmesh. I really like the way you explain each and every point precisely. I have a request. How about a tutorial on Blend If filters? The tool’s function is a bit hard to understand, I would like to see a tutorial from your side. Thanks!

Antonio Correia says:

Excellent ! Thank you ! 🙂

Bangla Funny Publisher says:

Great tutorial

Ds Edits says:

Plz give always of stock use in video

Daniel Vega says:

Great, and interesting as usual. Thanks again

Jose A. Justiniano says:

You are a genius in Photoshop bub you speak to fast for me thanks and God bless.

Monshiiee says:


shubham Gupta says:

wow unmesh i am hariom from allahabad became big of your skills thanks

Mrinmay Gayen says:

what is typography? make a video about it and typgraphy manupulation.

Stefan Rech says:

nice way ! top!

Bicky anj murty says:

if other objects in photo r of same colour as sky..then they also get masked,,,,how to avoid that?

Eric Hanson says:

Wow, thanks for this tutorial, I’ve spiced up a couple boring skies!

McTimon says:

Whoaaa! RGB Blend-if?

runbei says:

Awesome – I am grateful for these tutorials…

Aldrin Alamgir Alvy says:

love u bro

agradoville says:

You are awesome. BEST photoshop channel out there!

Roland Rodrigues says:

Hey Unmesh, please make a video on removing background around hair which is very frizzy and spread out. A very difficult one.

Avesa92 says:

Thank you for your dedication! As a person struggling to save up some money to take courses in graphic design and composite imaging this channel is a blessing! I’ll do my best to return the favor at least by recommending it to everyone! Thanks again for the hard work and dedication. Greetings from Bulgaria!


Awesome tutorial.

Mohamed Bela says:

je ne comprend pas grande chose l’anglais mais j’ai vraiment aimé et compris le tuto
vue que moi même j’ai une petite base en PS
chapeau l’artiste très belle vidéo et facile de compréhension.

The Black Fox says:

I will do it in paint dot net in 15 seconds.

PAHouseLink says:

Used this today – HUGE time saver!!

Latif Khalifa says:

Awesome Tut..Sir

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