Create a 3D Character Photoshop CC Tutorial

Learn about expressions in this detailed After Effects tutorial!
We’ll create a loader bar, percent counter, and a countdown timer that can be customized by changing one simple slider.

Learn the secrets you need to know to creating and working with a 3D character using Fuse and Photoshop CC in this tutorial!
We’ll create a character in Adobe Fuse and export it to Photoshop where we’ll change the lighting and texture and then use a few Photoshop filters to create a streaking effect for our Photoshop 3D model.

Download the 3D model I made for this video here:

Find free 3D models here!


00:30 Building the 3D character
04:19 Importing the character to Photoshop
05:25 Choosing the model’s pose
06:43 Changing the base light and reflectiveness
08:15 Building the 3D lights
12:11 3D rendering tips and tricks
13:58 Building the composition and background
17:10 Adding the streaks/streaking effect
22:09 Building out the disintegration effect
26:51 Targeted sharpening and grain
29:00 Color grading
33:18 Simple glitch effect
35:13 Get it, Got it, Goooooood!









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Yug Patel says:

Thanks boss

xSuper_Nova says:

WoW , This is a really advanced tutorial, and it reveals how experienced you are in your art, really liked your vids 🙂

Octagon says:

Photoshop 3D tools are SO underrated! There’s this dude I found on instagram he’s called @eightelevenx and he makes the sickest 3D animations using just photoshop and it’s mindblowing! Loved the video, I’d like to see a more indepth guide for this!

leo palermo says:

GREAT !!! I love this . THANK YOU ( me gustan mucho tus videos ! son espectaculares ! GRACIAS )

Chen Riva says:

love this tutorial, learned a lot!

KroNosZ says:



Your videos are extremely professional !!! THANKS

Jim Burke says:

This is Really COOL, I’m def going to try this… Thanks for posting, Cheers – @JamesBurke4Photos

Unknown User says:

Wow Photoshop can handle models and obj files now? I have 4 terabytes of daz and poser assets and this looks seamless! Very cool will have to try fuse. Thanks for the great videos like always.

Shirwatel Simini says:

This is just brilliant !!! I know you’ve recorded this earlier but I was expecting that bicycle in the background lol

Wydrox XV says:

Soo Next level tut

Rod Shelley says:

Fascinating…. I’ll have to take a look at Fuse – as if I don’t have enough 3D stuff with Poser, DAZ, Vue, etc… I’m wondering if the figures are ‘rigged’ for Fuse to pose all the extremities – arms, legs, fingers and so on.. A fascinating and fun tutorial!

Blend In says:

my hero

Raheel Khan says:

Welp. Photoshop crashed. Document was recovered but I could not select anything on any of the layers, 3D or otherwise. Also, right-clicking all the layers had all the options greyed out. That’s not all. Apart from the File menu, all others were greyed out. :(. Gonna try again tomorrow.

Tommy Howarth says:

One of the best tutorials yet! You covered so much in such a concise way. Thank you

Beto Teixeira says:

Hi there! Is there a way to free pose the 3d character like the puppet warp does so that I can match it to a background image?

Adelina Costea says:


Gary Cooper says:

This is an awesome tutorial Nathaniel. Love the result and may have to try this out myself.

Fana Mabuza says:

i love your work is extremely amazing and you are great teach too. i have learn so much and i appreciate everything i have learn too you.

Don Web says:

As above so belove, ha?

The Simple Designers says:

What a great tutorial, Thanks tutvid for sharing such a great content.

Neil Martin says:

This was one of the best creative videos you’ve done so far. A lot of your videos are about using certain tools, but this one felt more like it was about developing imagination. Great stuff.

carlos david martinez novoa says:

Por favor alguien que lo traduzca

Raheel Khan says:

Alright. So, the model file provided via the download link is not functional at my end.

To import it, I had to create a new layer, and then import the file. Upon importing it, it doesn’t have any of the textures/colours, and it’s already a white plastic looking figure. Also, no skeletal structure found.

I had to create a new FUSE character, and import it via the library.

PhoeniX-J-five says:

Kinda got my hopes up there, so the title is a bit misleading. Should be more like Pose & Render a 3d character, not create. Other than that, still a good tutorial

Zroform says:

great work

EverythingOnline says:

One of the best channels I have ever seen! ❤️ Have to say I learned a lot and you always inspire me! The reason why I have started my YT Channel to inspire others too! Thanks you so much for your excellent work 🙂

Grabster says:

This is AMAZING! That’ll be super fun to make

Himanshu Pal says:

❤ Dave 2D < ---> Tutvid 3D ❤

D H says:

Anyone remember Poser?

William Fischer says:

Big respect for how awesome and underappreciated your workflow is – your videos are extremely professional

Dario Silva says:

Just awesome. Thank you so much.

6PathsOfKain says:

I suck at editing … someone tell me different

Proton Protonfix says:

Nat, what you’re doing? You’re starting the new year with such a hell of a tut. Tons of techniques and now I see the use of Fuse, finally 😉 Wow. Can’t thank you to much for your outstanding work. I’ve learned sooooo much from you this time, and again and again. Well done, Bro!

Mathieu L says:

Wait after effect or photoshop?

BlackWipeout says:

OMG i come back on Photoshop for only this 3D thing…. I’m joking. For 3D character I use DAZ Studio Pro 😀
Great tuto like always.
I’m waiting for Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer tutos… is it still planned ?

PS Happy new YEAAAAR from Switzerland

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