Create Amazing Details in the Eyes with Photoshop!

Make the Eyes Dramatic by Adding Details and Dimension in Photoshop! Create details for the iris and make eyes shine by playing with highlights and understanding the concept of how light enters the eye.

In this eye retouching tutorial, we will use the power of Curves, Masks, Blend Modes, and Blend-If, we will learn a very simple but highly effective way to bring life to the eyes in Photoshop. We’ll also learn how to enhance catchlights and remove the red veins from the white of the eyes. Hope this tutorial helps you! Thank you so much for watching 🙂

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Yasitha Kasthuri says:

Wow amazing ❤️

Tommy Difranco says:

very well explained and demonstrated!

Elias Zsivkovits says:

Awesome Videos! Thank you 🙂 Learned a lot in less than an Hour.

Nelly Horinkova says:

That video is perfect for beginners like me. Thanks a lot!

Lisa K says:

Love your tutorials!! Please keep it up 🙂

Worapol Buraphan says:

what camera do you using for this photo?

Deatrick Green Jr says:

I found that this little trick also works amazing with whitening teeth as well. Thanks

Sina Miranpour says:

Great …

Andre Torti says:

I wasn’t sure about it. I finally subscribed.

Henry Tao says:

Can’t find a better tutorial

ClearlyAnArtistAnimations says:

You are the most professional person I have ever seen on youtube.

youtubeviewer says:

photoshop genius

Ados Vei says:

Я тут видимо одна русская…Но фтошоп просто класс.(wow)

Ziad Elshorbagy says:

Man you are great..thank you 🙂

AX says:

Thank you man , great video…keep up

Joe Shmo says:

How many energy drinks did you drink before this video?

River Billington says:

Badapapapa I’m loving it

Health Bar says:


Dawn Brosnan says:

Really good tutorial, and you are an excellent teacher.

SonyslasH says:

Tus cejas me distraen :c


Subscribed you are phenomenal and I do not consider myself an amateur

dhruv vats says:

You got some serious skills bro

Yones rsy says:

We’re so look alike

Le Ptit Ponard says:

Ton monosourcil frere

LProds says:

This is amazing. Great as always.

Vladimir Philogene says:

Keep doing your stuff, I love it

hyacinthdibley2 says:

DANG! Forget the photoshop tutorial; his charisma is unreal.
Love it!!!!!
Great tutorial. 🙂

Dam says:

ce genre de mono

Moshe Ovadya says:

Very impressive. Thank you.

Andrea Baio says:

Thank you for sharing you knowledge! Very useful, great results!

Hez eLGee says:

Excellent work!

E.J. Alexander says:

Good Stuff. Great Channel!

SmarTech Zagazig says:

dude, you are very good…
great work indeed!

Pistol Pete says:

Very clear explanations and teaching. Glad to see this channel. New subscriber here. 🙂

stuffifilm says:

Wonderful in every way. Easy to follow along with and enjoyable to hear. Thanks!

Jacob Thomson says:

Wonderful tutorial, as always. Thank you.

Ranjan Kumar Mandal says:

Excellent ! You are superb teacher ! What an important thing I like about your tutorials is that while you are on a particular topic, you never ignore the minute things , like checking the Aligned box, what it means etc. This way we not only learn the main topic but also many a times accidentally we come to know some interesting hidden things of Photoshop. I may sound a bit too ignorant about Photoshop, although I am not so, but we must not forget that many times we actually may slip off the basics, so even Sachin too needed to practice with Tennis Balls before going to England / Australia to play in bouncy pitches. Thanks Unmesh !

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