Disintegration Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s step by step Photoshop tutorial. We will be learning how to create a Disintegration Effect. We will be focusing on adding the disintegration effect by using “particle” Photoshop brushes, Masks and the Liquify tool. We also we will adding a cracked texture and blending/warping it to look as if it’s wrapping around her face. I will also be using the Camera Raw filter a little bit and adjustment layers to make the color of the image really stand out. For the final step I will show you how to make the model eyes stand out immensely. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a like! 🙂

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chrizpher says:

This is cool but do one with a natural backgroud not one color

Ossas says:

i can’t add the brush to “effects” 5:32

Cara Amy says:

My disintigration brush is a low opacity (hardness) but it will not allow me to change it. Help ? Because I can’t download his brushes because there’s no link to ??

Professional says:

What version used

Bernard Hinneh says:

Thanks, it has really helped me a lot and I’m very grateful.

KingKookie says:

Dang it, why is my ears so big!


Absolutely superb! Brilliant image! Bravo.

Dala hodaifa says:

oh my god .. very creativveee .. cant wait i want to try this

DAU KSA says:

.this chenille is to show our graphic design projects yearly.. Pleasure to subscribe

Max says:

is there the chance to get the downloadlink for the brush?

Filbert Yohanes says:

nice tutorial thx,but can u tell me the name of opening effects?

Chrisbogmaj says:

where is the unedited picture?
I mean the one with the woman

Wen Wen says:

odd that I don’t have camera raw filter on my photoshop CS6..

Vlad Dewitt says:

Veery cool

Q-POP Official says:

Love it. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Jimboy Garan says:

i dunno why my dispersion effect is not showing up and even the smoke i already click brush and the effect i want and then when i’m applying it to the image nothing happens like the fck ive wasted so much time

Jimboy Garan says:

Why in me i click the Effect but when im click it to the image or subject it never have the effect still clean


how to make a flat avtar like cartoon image plz upload a vedio on that

fawzy waly says:

your intro is awesome !!!!!!!! 🙂

nina salerno says:

won’t let me download the brushes

Marko Jurjević says:

tnx :)!!!

Michela Camilleri says:

Link for the brushes please ?

BGrandomPlays says:

i dont have camera raw filter 🙁
help please

emerald ellyse says:

I really enjoy watching your tutorials! They’re easy to learn especiallly I’m a teacher and I had zero knowledge on Photoshop before! Now I’m pretty confident teaching it 🙂

Alejandro Bernal says:

great tutorial!!!

Umar Amjid says:

For everyone having problems with the liquify part go to the bottom and tick the “Show Backdrop” tick box.

Vikram Saraf says:

unable to add the effect

Lord Tsarou says:

how dowload the particle brushes

Abdullah khandaker says:

can i wanted to know what is best version for Photoshop and your adobe Photoshop version please

Gorson Lau says:

I stuck at 3:30, I can use the brushes but i cant do the same effect like him,nothing happen when I clicking the brushes tools.

George Kimutai says:

where do we get the brushes? i dont seem to have those ones

Playful Pistachio says:

is this cc

adobe photoshop cs6 says:

Nice <3

Mario Cilento says:

where do you find those brushes ?

KingExcrementus says:

1:55 I can’t seem to get it to work like it does in the video, it just completely distorts my face. The only thing I can see which might be the cause is the “pin edges” not being selected but I can’t select it because there’s no visible advanced options to click.

Amanda Russo says:

when trying to fill layer mask it will not fill with black paint bucket. each time.

Ryder Hansen says:


Milkcheck1 says:

How can i put a background behind please ??

george v says:

everytime I go to the black mask to stark painting the effect nothing shows up, what am I doing wrong

behati selder says:

When I click on window- liquify it does it for me already. I don’t know why nothing else shows like the stuff that poped up in your screen. Help please.

Nagy Lőrinc says:

its so understandly…… 😀 its a good video, with good picture….. nice work 🙂

Mahreen Athar says:

Where can i download this picture?

Aлина Грицай says:

What music is that?

Mathyos Maty says:

please can you send these brushes i love these collection of brushes

PijuxProGamer LTU says:

how to select brush rate ?

Alone Studio says:

nice tuto

Photoshop Tutorials says:

Wow 20,000 likes! Thanks all. Don’t forget to subscribe for future Photoshop tutorials.

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