Editing the RingLight Portrait, Photoshop Tutorial

Behind The Scenes Video :

How I Sharpren the Images :

Anita Sadowska :

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edited with Premiere Pro CC


Nicole Calore says:

and yes at first i thought, the pic is amazing why change it…aaaaaaaaand theeeen….the amazing transformation- great job as always

Valdis Ozols says:

Good stuff, I always wanted to learn edit like this, Георгий Чернядьев has a vary similar style.

YRC 7 says:

Nice 🙂

Fanni Boda says:

I thought just the raw image was perfect but the results are AMAZING!! (as always)

SonofNun123 says:

Well Done. I learned a Lot from this Video. Thanks.

Neulyn Moss says:

I reallllly love your tutorials. They help soooo much thank you!

Wojciech Siewior says:

That was great! Thank you! Seemingly little changes here and there but when it all adds up the image is transformed…

Dannielle Cousin says:


jelly ostin says:

My Nikon d750 doesn’t pick up light in slave mode with neweer 750ii. the picture is dark. What’s wrong with that?

Adam Jobs says:

Incredible 🙂

Alin Patric says:

I was expecting to see the liquify filter. Why didn’t you use it?

Tami Cicale says:

Beautiful! I use the same export workflow. Question- do you have Photoshop color space in srgb or Prophoto. I convert when exporting to srgb but have PS set to Prophoto. Just curious, I know there is plenty of debate on this topic. Thanks!

Kristīne Angere says:

So amazing! I love learning from your videos. It has helped me get started in photoshop a lot!

Irene Rudnyk says:

Time Stamps :
0:34 – Camera Raw
2:40 – Fixing lens Distortion
3:21 – Skin Retouch
9:25 – Color Correction
11:18 – Dodge and Burn
14:33 – Saving The Image
15:24 – Before and After

Simran Bajwa says:

adding this to the mind blown folder

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