FLYING Through Portal PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

Learn all about layers, blend modes, masking, and so much more in this detailed After Effects tutorial!
We’ll transform a street photo into a complex composition photo manipulation by creating a glowing shape and compositing in a human who is flying through that portal into our city street.

🧠 This tutorial was inspired by:

Stock photo used in this tutorial: (it looks like they took the free stock photo down! 😩)











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TotallyMarioBro Gaming says:

amazing tutorial looks so realistic

Dikey Roman says:

buenas pueden arreglar el link de recursos por favor gracias

Art Never died says:

can i find the picture that you use in this tutorial

danlank says:

I’ve just watched you edit this and listened to you explain it and i still have no idea how you’ve done it…

Diab3to says:

Cant find the stock photo?

Pascal Polesch says:


pjdaprinz says:

Awesome tutorial. Would have been cool to add a light reflection of the model on the wet ground, in front of the portal only.

Toku92 says:

Incredible wow!!

Bat Man says:

Hm, the page you were looking for doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Cyberbob says:

If you look closely you can tell it’s been Photoshopped

ouyang qisheng says:

There are no brushes to download

Keyloggs says:

the prop. arent even good.

Schaber Kack says:

Hey ,looks like you are good in PS 🙂 Would you like to get on of my drawed picture to get the best out of it. Then can i see what its possible and what i need to learn.. only colour corection ect.
Greets, Andreas

La'quinth Benton says:

Photoshop should be a college course

The Gamers Blitz says:

omg it looks so good gg helped me out on image ideas thanks

king On beatz says:

*Guys anyone got the stock image please*

Der Tolle _ says:

It sounds a little bit like a Bob Ross painting video.
But I like it

Oh Yeah Yeah says:

where u get the man from?

Luis Jubani says:

Command on 24:12 ???

Nikhil Nick says:

never watch a good tutorial when you’re sleepy AF

Kicks Review says:

what work space is he using??

Cerys Drinkwater says:

you can use the snipping tool to copy the image

Popular Music says:

please pray for me i wanna be like you 🙁

hidayet baysal says:

5:55 thanks for the info <3

Marshal says:

thank god he fixed the shoe

Pablo Lara H says:


Mr. James Cagney says:

If your gonna give a tutorial don’t talk so damn fast

見證者 says:

That’s a photo of street while raining day in Taiwan

Nihat Həşimli says:

Please give stocks link

Saimon, diz! says:

You got yourself a new subscriber man! Congrats, awesome tutorial

OhSamu says:

Does anyone have the photo? Could you share it cause the lin in the description is dead

G h e n o says:

Bob ross vibes.

Ray Games says:

in my opinion, the shoe you did not have to make it disappear later. it is coming out of a portal, so the shoe had to be seen. If it is coming out of a portal it makes no sense to show your hands.

Lemon Lemonardo says:

Нихера не понял, но очень интересно

Aphantasiv says:

You can find the stock photo on Pixabay if you do some searching or reverse image search on google.

Hyredone says:

crack link ! link pls

Sharknad says:

Amazing tutorial!! Did one with a different model tho

Creatorof3000 says:

Absolutely incredible. You have an amazing skill!

RitongaA 1991 says:

can you make template for this Tutorial

Jordan Spencer Newell says:

You Are A good teacher thank you, and ill tag you

SethCraftFTW says:

His mouth looks out of sync from the audio

Beatriz Coelho says:

Really enjoyed going thru this tutorial it was really fun 🙂

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