How to Create a Watercolor Painting Effect with Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial

How to Create a Watercolor Painting Effect with Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial

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Perpetually Pensive says:

Tutorial was awesome and to the people complaining please don’t be so lazy just slow the video down and repeat it if necessary. It took me a while but i got it in the end and I am just a beginner.

Taii Moon says:

Thank you

Em Night says:

Wow, thank you for being concise yet complete with your instructions and resources. It’s hard to find channels like yours.

icant seeitall says:

Nice music!

Heather Clemente says:

Where can I find the watercolor paper download?

Benny Leo says:


Nashwa Salama says:

شكرا جدا , الموضوع كان بسيط جدا و واضح تماما و كمان كنت موفر كل شى و المنتج النهائى اللى طلعته بالفديو اسعدنى جدا شكرا بجد <3 <3

Selis Yaltkaya says:

before you start to color the inverted layer mask you can soften the edges of the real picture to avoid having sharp edges after coloring the mask

Thanh Nguon says:

Merci beaucoup ! C’est très agréable, votre tuto.

Ηρώ Τ. says:

Thanks! It was really helpful.

Justin's Thoughts says:

Great tutorial but bgm are quite annoying thought

Ardi Oye says:

This is frickin’ awesome!!

Eddie NiceGuy says:

great vid! a very nice way to achieve. great brushes as well and great tutorial ! thanks

Marmee Cruz says:


Alex says:

people saying they need more detailed steps. like dudes, what the hell. this tutorial is amazing and in no need for explanations unless yall are stupid

Cynthia Price says:

you seriously need to slow the fuck down and actually explain this step by step!

New Age Studio says:

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서은정 says:

amazing:) Thank you!!

SRT Productions says: check out my video

Katarina Naskovski says:

Thank you! 😀

Hulash Chand says:

When I click “multiply” filter on the paper layer…the girl image is also being shown with the texture of paper..what to do?

Moacyr Costa Silva says:

Foi computador ou mesa digitalizadora?

songotiti says:

amazing brushes 😮

sadhula srikanth says:

thank u

Cat Jones says:

Superb video – thank you so much!

Tum148 •VLP says:

It’s great

Syahrun Azizah says:

When I tried using the brushes, the PS says: This smart object must be rasterized before proceeding… did I miss out something?

Nguyên Hoàng says:

Amazing. Enjoy it :)))))

Mostafa Abdelsalam says:

in step 7, i can’t use the brush.
the PS said: ” this smart object must be rasterized before proceeding,…….. ”
after i make it rasterized and use brush but nothing change..

Ravishankar Roy says:

Add voise instructions.. otherwise this video is useless..

Photoshop Essentials says:

Very nice effect.

stefano tripi says:

finalmente un bell’effetto

Venilson Ribeiro + says:

obrigado pela dica. conseguir fazer o meu e ficou muito legal

Taii Moon says:

thank you for your tutorial. This is 1st my work. thanks alot.

Paul Carder Motion Graphics says:

Great tutorial. Easy to follow, thanks for sharing your skills 🙂

Jeffrey Go says:

thank you for uploading this FREE and easy to follow tutorial. Just what I needed.

PFH says:

finally a tutorial with good background music

I T says:

simple and nice! thanks

Alireza Gharaguzlo says:

Thanks mate, was so good

Hemajith Samarakoon says:

super awesome…thank you soooo much

Owl says:

If you complain about his/her speed, remember that this tutorial is only for “advanced photoshop users” anyway,youtube has provided you a button to slow the video,use it!

Angon Bebek says:

Very good video tutorial, please visit my chanel briefly

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