How to Create Letter Portrait | Photoshop Tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial we will see text portrait style effect. But the main difference is that instead of insane amount of messy text, all we will use is just single letter and attach a portrait with it.

Really simple process once you understand how to do it, anyone can follow it and it works everywhere if you pick proper font and pictures.

I have shown two different styles and two different methods of creating it. and once you understand first one, the second becomes even simpler.

The font i used in the effect are default in photoshop so you won’t have to download it.

I also had couple different samples that i created which i put at the end of the photo effect.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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Rohit Sonar says:

R ka kisa banvaya jayega bhai

sheko designer says:

very nice

Stanley Eaton says:

Very Nice!!! Thanks for sharing!

Omotoyosi Tina Alli says:

you are an angel! Your tutorial was soo helpful! thanks

Moataz Mostafa says:

you are just perfect and easy.. i have learned alot from yr videos , you are a reason of me to start photo manipulation .. kindly check mine for some advice and tips .i would appreciate it

Vaibhao Ade says:

Plzz for letter S

GFT Woodcraft says:

Great channel!!

Khoi Vo says:

wonderful picture!

ganapathi sharma says:

Nice bro

Kamran Bhutto says:

nice work

The Bipolar Poet says:

thanks for the video it was awesome, but any chance you slow down like just one second.

Artfloat Full says:

This Guy Really Gives Us, True Tutorial, Thanks dude! Keep it Up! Subscribed to his channel guys!

Living Image says:

my background doesn’t delete when i click the button? help?

Upeksha Abeygunawardena says:


koushik zavax says:

is there any partime freelance photo editing jobs will you please suggest me…

Salvador Abarca says:

great tutorial !!

Oregon Weed says:

click the button command and then click on select video your video would of been really good if you would of said that one sentence I spent 20 minutes trying to find how to do this thumbs down for me sorry dude

Ernest Noeline says:

Can you make a tutorial on the picture with the guy shifting the road from this link? Love our work @PhotoshopTurtorials.

Re Mon says:


ĐKC Channel says:

Very good ! Thank you very much !!

Ajay Reddy says:


Martien van Hout says:

Thnx.. nice learning video.

Sojol jhon says:

So Nice

Banana says:

better speak slower boy!


that was real nice and smooth

Happy Peeeep Multi Services says:


Rajesh Shedage says:


John Cox says:

This is awesome thanks for taking time to show us how to do it 😉

Sam Lui says:

Great, awesome, thanks!

Creative Animal says:

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Rochdi Riahi says:

good work bro <3
Please access my channel and you will not regret it

VICKZ says:

gud one dude

The Life says:

اسم البرنامج ايه؟

Zawmin Htay says:

Thank you

kannan sivaraj says:

Hi i need small help
I have a concept FOLLOW & FLOURISH
can you give ur idea for an banner design
Its helpfull for me

Champaklal Yadav says:

C B YADAV Excellent demo

Gagandeep swali says:

Awesome brother,i really like the idea and video. Can you make video about complete introduction ,information of tool,and etc. Of adobe Photoshop which you used.

deeva aanshi says: please send me free plug- in link cs6 collection and ur fb id

Vaibhao Ade says:

Nice but can u do it with letter S

Aaron Villanueva says:

excellent! just what I was looking for, and the solution was simple. couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! Thank you!

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