How to Creatively Blend Two images in Photoshop | Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how you can create photo manipulation by combining two different images in simple yet creative way.

Process of this effect is extremely simple. Just little bit of masking, lens flare, color correcting and bam !! you are done. Actually Most import part is selection of the pictures .you will have to make sure that both pictures has similar perspective and lighting. If you can’t find the correct lighting, at least make sure one of the images has overcast or neutral lighting. This will make the process super easy.

Other thing is to take your time with masking and then worry about adding effects. If you screw up actually blending, no matter how many filters in photoshop you use, it won’t look good.

Thats it and i hope you find this photoshop tutorial useful and if you have any questions or suggestions, ask me in comments below.

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DingbatToast says:

I’ve never thought to put the lens flare on a separate layer so you can move and size it separately! very cool tip thanks

JC H says:

Very cool!

top png says:

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Naresh Suthar says:

How do install Adobe cs6 master collection??

Bangun Pambudi says:

please visit this link for photoshop tutorial and camera raw

Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects says:

Just an update. I have switched to Mac Os. So for short-cuts.
Command = control key
Option = alter key
Rest is same. Have a good day.

PS: I-movie sucks.

Khadd9 says:

Looks cool and amazing bro

Michael Alafin says:

I’m a beginner, so i don’t understand how brush tool helps remove effects from layers?

Nasra Hisham says:

This is amazing what a great job

Addison Or says:

love the lens flare + color demostration! Great job

Tekin Çetin says:

a lot of tricks together, excellent, thanks!

ElizabethR1558 says:

Good to see you back.

mouse mice says:

it looked most credible at 4:33
afterwards with the blur and all that stuff it looks like there is a clear editing gap

quan baydau says:

good picture

GG Graphics says:

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Nicolas Alejandro Molina says:


Ankita Kharare says:

Awesome man!!!!

上善若水 says:


Dawid Podsadowski says:

ALL THOSE SHORTCUTS that You are talkin should be displayed on the screen aswell because sometimes its hard to understand them, that would be easier for BEGINNIERS !

Ulkar Baghirova says:

very helpful, thank youuuu

Pranay Tony says:


Vladimir Lysergin says:

Really nice tutorial. thank you

Ajinkya Gajbhiye says:

Great job on explaining !

Naveed Anjum says:

whats the difference b/w cc and cs6?

TC Editz says:

Learn mobile photo editing ,
Watch my

Mountain Rat says:

you could have just cropped and used content aware.

Brian Horrocks says:

Brilliant………….nice to see you back.

Zach Mansouri says:

Wow! Short, concise and to the point! Make sure to check my Photoshop Speed Art videos, here is one I just made recently I hope you like it!

Editor Belal says:

nice Video #EditorBelal

Surjith Vishwa says:

Bro plz make videos on oil painting & movie poster design ( comedy & romantic) in simple ways

Darkinfuture says:

I have learned so much from your tutorials…thanks man! Keep up the great work!!

Rustic Human says:

Thanks man. Great vid.

Asgard Studios says:

Excellent tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

Teodor Teddy says:

I am so happy that you are doing your helpful videos again!!! Dont stop doing them, cuz I love them!

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