How To Make DIFFICULT Selections EASY in Photoshop CC (Tutorial)

GET PERFECT EDGES FOR YOUR SELECTIONS IN PHOTOSHOP CC! | Learn how I use a double pass of Select & Mask to get awesome edges and make complex selections much easier.


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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a crack at making a difficult or hard selection in Photoshop. We will select a person and cut them out using a double pass of Select and Mask to build the perfect selection edge and get great selections with super clean edges whether you need lots of clean straight lines, or are cutting out a complex head of hair. Learn ALL about making selections in Photoshop with this tutorial.

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Impresiones Tijuana says:

Thank you for your tutorial are very simple and funtional…

Damion Supersaad says:

Thanks great video. Really enjoy your tutorials !

Bright Amaechi says:

Thanks tut vid. I love everything about you men. You are awesome. Question. The first image. It’s the background real or created in photoshop. If it is can you do a tutorial for that??? Thanks.

Arif billah says:


kalcubemaster says:

great in depth tutorial ! thanks !

Real Rilind says:

Hello lol

Christopher Ogleton says:

What’s up with that banana in the tools panel??

Richard ten Have says:

Good tutorial. Already saw the actual tip, but your explanation nailed it.

Darja Savarus says:

Thank you for amazing tutorial!

David Roby says:


JC H says:

Great video

Davide Antonino says:

You speak very fast

Sajun Shrestha says:

Actually this is an easy selection. Please make one with super duper busy background.

Charbel ito says:

Could you pleeeease make a video on how to create professional logos in Photoshop. I’ts highly appreciated because your videos are awesome

how to youtubers says:


Maksym Yegorov says:

I’m first…?

Marigondon Shirley says:

Thank you very nice

Roberto Braicovick says:

Grazie !

Kaminari Guitar Tabs says:

What the banana icon do?

Josman087 says:


Stanley Kho says:

2 Thumbs up! for another great video…

how to youtubers says:

keep it up

No Egg Craig says:

Thank you so much Nathaniel, very helpful and to the point!

jignesh ghelani says:

helpful video

The Simple Designers says:

great video as always, BTW the new color grading is just amazing no more lobster look :3

Hugh Mobley says:

good good tutorial!!!

Deep Bloo says:

Thank you so much!
Great tutorial helps me a lot .

Journey Designs says:

Awesome!!! Really useful technique!!

dawgyv72 says:

lmao difficult selection? Yea, this channel just isn’t for me anymore…

GameZiseFX says:

I don’t know if it is just me or is the sound so quiet that I can’t hear anything.

Alexandru Grecov says:

very useful tips.

Manish Kumar says:

which screen recorder does you sue ?

Sheikh Muhammad Adnan says:


Maral Sabbagh says:

What software do you use to do this zoom effect around the cursor ? (circle)
Great tut anyway 🙂

Moisés Arrais says:

Show de bola amigo.


Very helpful tutorial thanks

Md Mamun Sharder says:

Great video once again <3

rahul coc assmes says:

Nice sir

Yee Zhsin Boon says:

Fantastic, subscribed!

phammypack says:

thank you! very helpful

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