How to make your photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial

What’s up guys! In this tutorial, I’m going over some techniques to make your photos pop, stand out and generally just look better, fast!

If you are looking for ways to step up your editing game and enter the ring with photoshop – this video is for you.

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Matthew Bowker says:

Could you show us how to do something similar but in Affinity Photo instead?

not me says:

real pic? looks like you just cropped out a dude and put it in front of the mountains haha

Ricardo Neria says:

Dude!! Thanks!!!!!

Uygar O. says:

Really fast only 17 min guys

Yk7 says:

This is incredible! You make everything so much easier… not many people out there explain how to you photoshop so clearly. You made it so much easier and fun to work on photos! Thanks a ton! In love with this channel already!

IDStudio7 says:

When you stamp the image into a new layer (Shift+Opt+Cmd+E), what image is being copied/applied? Is it the Background layer?

Raven Wilson says:

I’ve genuinely watched this video at least 10 times in the past 2 days because it has changed my photos that much. You’re fabulous. Cheers

Joe Illingworth says:

Would this work for landscape photos?

Jesse Babbra says:

😀 So funny! Thank you!

RajTech King says:

Damn! You’re too much pro.

Jenna Edds says:

Thanks for this! Not a lot of great tutorials for CC out there but this was fantastic!

Natasha Wilson says:

Your videos are actually so good!! You’re hilarious, informative and clear! Thankyou from NZ.

alma eufracio says:

Amazing! that is all.

Andris Gauracs says:

Man, you’re such an awesome tutor! This tutorial not just inspired me but also really made me smile! Keep it up, Pete! You’re an amazing dude!

Sarah M says:

you absolutely crack me up…you’re so entertaining to watch (& educational too) ☺️ love your videos!

FelipeHC Films says:

LOL subscribe

Jake Taz says:

if 8:08 doesn’t work for anyone like it didn’t for me for some reason, you can hit control-shift-j or command-shift-j. thanks for the video peter, helpful as always. 😉

John-Paul Stuthridge says:

Seems like far too much effort and work for a photo that has minimal differences. All of those things pretty much could be replicated in Lightroom with a lot less effort and no one would be able to tell.

Sure photoshop is brilliant for ‘faking’ some photos, but for photos like this, I don’t see the point.

Thomas Anton says:

can you do all of this in light room ?

Mon Nom says:

im using a windows computer. shift+delete doesnt work to get the box up. anyone knows how to do it on windows?

Gabriel Woods says:


itxfaraz says:

Love your videos and sense of humor .

Ondrej Malibu says:

Hi, great video Pete. I am new to this and all of the info is way to complicated for me now but I’m here to learn. Could you help me with opening image in the window that you have on the screen. When I open my image in PS 2015 where do I go to have on my screen what you have? I mean on the right side,,
Thank you

Roland Lowson says:

Dude! These videos are sooooooo good! Amazing amazing stuff Peter! Thank you and keep up the great work!

muckelcoastin says:

Thank you very much!! Learned a lot today!! Would love more of those videos! Very easy to understand and practicing while watching!

iamzeus626 says:

I am newish to Photoshop and this was very insightful and enjoyable. I’ll be watching your other tutorials. Thanks!

Explore Yoga says:

EXCELLENT. easy to understand and execute. and makes it easy to see how i can play with other layer editing tools too! thanks!

oxlena says:

You have the most awesome, playful personality. XD Awesome vid!

odara bahia rumbol says:

I love your videos! I’ve been trying to learn how to edit better and most tutorials are so mundane, yours are so entertaining! 😀

Nico Fidalgo says:

Nice, in-depth tutorial, helps me to get more experienced with Adobe Photoshop. Thank you. I’ve discovered this channel within my trip back home, and I am glad I did. Great work! Subscribed!

Leslie Byrne says:

Hey dude your awesome!!! When are you coming to Ireland for a few pints of Guinness and a shot of Jameson. We can do a bit of mashing and hang out! I used your floating cup in a promo for restaurant and nobody could figure it out. I had girl outside with the cup floating. Any other ideas for the floating concept maybe with plates of food or whatever! Your the million click man and will keep in touch. Fantastic keep up the great videos. Love the humour. Wally Blue

RiceCream says:

should i copy all ur settings on raw edits to all my photos?

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