How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop

In this video, you will learn how to remove anything from a photo in Photoshop.

We will use three techniques that will allow you to remove distracting objects from your photos. The first two techniques in this tutorial will allow you to remove small things from your photos. While the third technique will be more advanced and will allow you to remove anything from a photo using Photoshop.

Content-Aware Playlist

📘 INDEX – How To Remove Anything From a Photo In Photoshop

00:32 – Remove Photobomber Using Content-Aware Fill
02:28 – Remove People from Background With the Patch Tool
06:15 – Remove a Car From a Background (Advanced)


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IceBox Games says:

Tnx : )

SerbianClasher says:

I dont have Content-Aware Fill what do i do?

Nissan skyline r34 gtr 1999 says:

Okay I’ll admit I haven’t been giving Photoshop enough credit

TDramon says:

Thank you so much *again!*

baba jee says:

Awosome Hai Baba Geeta Raho Baba
Click here Baba>>>

Shahadat Hossan says:

Hi fnd plz do a normal pic edit than awesome

Wei Dang says:

Guy, I am just extremely grateful you posted this video recording on shading the heavens. I adopted your entire g uidance and consequently was able to get remarkably around how I wanted. I work ed on it for several hours time so it was very goo d! But once I discovered this extreme problem that I couldn’t get r id of. I also attempted reinstalling the programs and then practica lly nothi ng. I ended up searching a completely different version of the programs at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and it managed to work past the dilemma! Possibly the set up file I received was co rrupted. I don’t understa nd how to examine th at? At a ny rate, because of your entire video clip, I am just as a result near getti ng th is revising down, that it’ll appear like it is really pouring when ever I am just done! Who needs a college tra ining course for photoshop, when people can see your amazing videos to tr ain these guys, free of cost on youtube! Thanks yet again OP! I’ll post my f inal results when I assume I’ve got the bad weather e diti ng effect down pat! Wei Dang, signing out.

Chris Fayte says:

One of the best tuts Ive seen

Jan Duncan says:

Amazing! Would you please consider offering an eg .pdf with a list of the actions you took Jesús, as recalling them all in sequence will, I opine be quite a challenge?


like 10000000

John Meise says:

I learned that this kind of work can be tedious 😀 but no, I was not aware of the content-aware fill option, and I never really used the clone stamp tool. Knew it was there, wasn’t sure how it worked though.

Elena Gold says:

Thank you so much for great video and tools! It helped me with photo editing!!!!

Tabb Informática says:

I Loved the FILL option! It’s completely Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Big Broo says:

I have used photoshop in windows version,, I wondering which button are has same function with “option on mac” ? any suggest?

Tech By- Harshit says:

Thanks thanks I subscribed your channel I rate you five stars *****

AlexandreXavier9 says:

After years of editing in Paint on my shitty pc, i bought myself a powerful one. Im amazed by every tool you show… Damn, this is a new world to me. Thanks man.

Stephen Black says:

Excellent video

Sumi Sultana says:

I cant’t find content-aware . How can I select that option ? Please help me.

Augustine Smith says:

this is wow
brilliant tutorial


nice iam impress this vidio and satisfied

Walmir Pinheiro says:

Great, great, great. Following the steps for removing the foreground of a photo, I got rid of an enormous post standing right in the middle of my photo. Thanks.

Rochelle Veron says:

can someone please tell me how to use it in CS4 photoshop T_T
There is no Content-aware , i couldn’t find it. TIA

Dr.Tehreem Ghafoor says:

am not getting the fill option after selecting my object?

Huy Nguyễn Điền Hoan says:

can you remove the high_heels of the model?

Gocan Raul says:


Jayvee Suarnaba says:

Sir why I can’t click the “Fill” button?

SCOP says:

This is alien technology kkk He is an alien. I almost had a heart attack when he start to clone the road using the ”alien clipping feature” . Im watching that part for the second time and im still not understanding kk very complicated. Just amazing. Im studying photoshop by myself from zero, thinking in be a ”not bad” graphic designer in the future, but when i see this kind of impossible thing i must confess that i think on give up. Looks like you need 100 years to understand half of the photoshop features.

หนูนา พฤกษาสวาท says:

wow! Thank you.

AZUSPageant says:

My Photoshop Elements appears differently on my Mac than it does on my desktop. I don’t have all of the same tools. No Patch Tool. Is this normal?

LucKie says:

I love it man, truly I love ittttttttttttttt. You made me make $100k with my e-com marketing just using your techniques.

이엘리에 says:

I learned everything to be honest. You showed three ways to remove something with telling what do we have to click and for what is this. I will stay here for a long time.
Thank you *.*

ugochukwu ezidiegwu says:

sample photo so we can work with you would have been okay. wonderful video

venky venkat says:

stock images please

Kimberly Catalan says:

Thanks! It helped me a lot. I do wonder how can you remove a part of an image on a less symmetrical background? For an example a street filled with people that have different stores that are visibly different and you want to remove the crowd in the picture?

Adu My Tv says:

hi sir send link of ur photoshop

gems8582 says:

Excellent video and presentation! Some techniques were highly complicated for a novice though lol wow!

RX Marc Lean Nene //Bendy says:

Udeful for memes! Thanks!

Dat Cookies says:

“could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM)” :(((( fck sad

Robert D says:

Why don’t you upload or link the photo in your description for practice purpose? That would be very helpful!Sry for my English

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