How To Remove People From Photos in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove people from photos in photoshop.

This is the perfect technique for removing people from your vacation photos.You will need to use multiple shots and blend them together using Photoshop’s Stack Modes.

If you want to learn how to remove crowds or remove unwanted people in Photoshop, then this is the perfect technique!

For this tutorial, you will, of course, need to plan in advance and take multiple photos. If you only have one photo to work with then check out this tutorial:

How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo in Photoshop


What Each Stack Mode Does:

01:04 – Load Files into Photoshop With Statistics
04:08 – How To Edit Stack Modes
05:02 – Fix Errors With The Spot Healing Brush Tool
07:25 – Replace The Sky
08:43 – Apply Adobe Camera Raw Adjustments


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● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez


Pierre-Julien Godier says:

I didn’t knew that feature – many thanks!

gunther stopa says:

Fantastic as usual. Thank you.

Sunny Li says:

very good photoshop very nice

Sandram Pillay says:

Again you have produced an excellent tutorial. Thank you for this.

Steve LeMaster says:

HOLY SMOKES! I just got slapped in the face. This tut is a revelation.

Here is your next Bert Monroy.

Collin Anderson says:

Great tutorial Jesus, thanks.

Mario Carvajalino says:

Great teaching Jesus. Muchas Gracias

Tomasz Stramel says:

Wow, PS turns out to be such a mine of tools and tricks… And Jesus is a truly resourceful explorer!

Rafael Cerqueira says:


Erich Weiler says:

This guy is not only a Photoshop guru, but a damn good teacher. I don’t use tools and menu items like “statistics”. Not anymore. There is a lot more to Photoshop I’ve got to learn. I am going to be spending a lot of time on Photoshop Training Channel…

Rami Tawil says:

i really like, your works 😀 , if you have something about food photographer and product plz make video , thank you

Raimund Gebhardt says:

Nice tutorial. Thanks! I would be interested in more stack modes – for example to hide noice.

Joe Simpson says:

Top tutorial, thanks dude.

Referral PRO says:


twitchly says:

Excellent and very helpful. Thank you!

AL Moss says:

I Like it. U R Excellent . Awesome.

mark gombrich says:

You have got to be the most precise and succinct educator of all the “you tube” so called instructors. I look forward to all of your tutorials.

Robert Harezlak says:

Great Tut 😀 Thank you so much! 😀

Jose A. Justiniano says:

Jesus do you have more basics tutorials because I am and old photographer from the negative and if you do all that’s techniques in CS6 thanks and God bless you.

david wilkinson says:

brilliant tuition – thank you

Hashim Puthiyakath says:

I wonder how did you took 14 photos on a mobile phone without shaking your hand.
This is the first time I hear about the statistics feature in Photoshop.

By the way, is this the same museum told in Da Vinci Code??

Peter Orfiano says:

I like your technique!

Tom Windeknecht says:

I noticed you are using a Google Pixel 2. I’m glad to see another Pixel user! 🙂 #teampixel

Richard Coomber says:

Got to try that!

anita palomino anixa says:

Porfavor envien el video en español. Gracias

Zardos Spinosa says:

pretty amazing

LiquidThunder says:

GREAT tutorial!

Mohamed Abooun says:

Man.. you are great ^_^

Miloš Grujić says:

Great tutorial man! You covered in 11 min more than some people in hours!

Arafath Ahmed says:

I was waiting for this video

Hassan Jika says:

Amazing.hahaha.can’t believe it til I try it my

Teri Egts says:


Capitano Americo says:

Cool! My relatives won’t like it when they disapear from pictures **evil laughter** The Louvre without people would be an impossible image to take!

Marc Smith says:

That was a jam-packed 11 minutes!! Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge.

Vella durai.S says:

Nice tut bro….. thank you…

Barry Harbroe says:

Forgot about this technique, especially about using to remove noise. Thanks.

Iki Legrand says:

Thanks Gracias, my own postcard.

Dale Fuller says:

This clarified a bunch of things for me. I will admit I use the healing brush tool but sometimes I don’t like the results. I will start using the darken and lighten settings from now on. THANKS!!!

Adrien Samsung says:


Joyce Rivera says:

As usual, excellent video and I learned many new things. Thank you so much!

Vincenzo Platini says:


Mounir Ps says:

Perfect, Thank you so much.

Klaus Weber says:

Great Tutorial. Superb explained and presented. I Like your tutorials

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