Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial

Animate your photos in photoshop with the 2.5D parallax effect and Adobes built in features. Easy to do!
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MrKdr500 says:

HELP please! i’ve been using this technique for a long time but now i have photoshop CC 2017 and when i “shift+backspace” for the “fill” tool in the dropdown menu Content Aware is there but not highlighted so i can’t select it….any help would be greatly appreciated… PS CC 2017 on WIN7.


Mikki Yako says:

Hell, i caught myself trying to blow off that little logo in the bottom right corner cuz I thought it’s a thread or something

Futur génie says:

your videos are awesome but i just have to say that you take a long time in your intro before talking about the sponsor you talk little more exagirating i think that a lot of people can get bored and quit the video

Daniel says:

Which brand/model is that backpack? Awesome!

Prince Mann says:

i hit render video twice and the my PS hanged. can anyone explain it why?

Irfan Faris says:

i love your “2.5D” tutorial haha

Junaid Kureshi says:

I wish you use Affinity Photo and FCPX + Motion 5

Shekhtman says:

Thank you! Great work!

Sy Mathews says:

Love the energy Pete, thanks!

Jeanie Irving says:

Again, smashed it out of the park. Love content I can use straight away (& usually do). Was not a Youtube watcher until I found you.

Cher says:

Trying it right this moment and already confused! Haha !

TheChosenOne says:

It’s so funny that people actually care about the frame rate and think there’s a difference in speed. It’s not even frame rate…it’s time code. SMH. It goes back to old tube set days. Amateurs.

Angel Brito says:

What do you think of Affinity Pro?

Billie FairyPrincess says:

This is awesome!!!!!!

Ahmed Nasrat says:

why content aware is grayed out, can’t be used??

Ken Stav says:

Thanks Peter, got a project for the day, great video

Craig Skinner photography says:

SMASHED! I just take a run up when I hit it.

Also: definitely trying this with some of my images!

GunjanTube says:

I smashed the like button!!!

Cramerzzzzz says:

Smashed that like button

jon kuru says:

brilliant tutorial video as always thanks Peter!

TheChosenOne says:

4:30 of nonsense talk. Video actually starts here.

Christian Bassey says:


Daniel Quintana says:

It’s pronounced “Bo-keh” (as the ‘eh’ sound is exactly like the expression) the word Bokeh is Japanese for “blurry” and can also be used as a derogatory term for someone who is not too bright. Since i learned something today from this video, I thought I would share some knowledge. 🙂

Todd Higgins says:

I don’t have “transform” in my drop down, it shows position. Any help? Any one?

Callum Wale says:

This is a really cool effect, love it!
A little tip, if you hold ALT whilst resizing something, it keeps it centred to where it originally was. That way you don’t have to keep recentering after resizing something 🙂

Imperial Forever says:

u rock my friend. thanks a ton. that was really helpful

Taylor Hamilton says:

Love this! Thanks for the tips man!

Keigo Moriyama says:

Hey peter thank you very much! This is amazing! Will try it

Robert Loyale says:

Lol 2.5 D is an oldie yet goodie. Still done for sports!
However, can anybody do the “Off the Buzzer” sport effect? I’m trying to figure that out.

Magdalena Solomchenko says:

Love your channel!Awesome tips.

Cosas del Jardin says:

This is so crazy!!! Thanks!!!

Brian E. Hoover says:

Just tried this myself, and it’s a bit rough as it’s a new skill, but still was fun to learn and implement. Now it’s time to fine tune this newly acquired skill.

Jordan Willet says:


Lorenzo Visser says:

Hey guys, What is the command button on a acer laptop?

L.E's Photography says:

A lot of little steps you have to make sure you do right but overall once you get the hang it’s super cool and easy 🙂 Thankyou! Love learning new fun things!

Tim Dickson says:

Way cool..Thank you

Holly Lloyd says:

Brilliant! Thanks for this Peter 🙂

Peter McKinnon says:

Thumbs up if your mind was blown photoshop has a video timeline! #makeyourphotosmove

da5idnz says:

If you have a version of Photoshop CC from 2014 onwards, it has a selection tool called ‘Focus Mask’ which makes a selection based on what is and what is not in focus. This would probably be quicker than the pen tool, especially in this case where the background is so out of focus.

FLuX Krazyy says:

can anyone help i don’t have content aware


Awesome job

Gabriel Acebo says:

Thats so cool men

Sandra Garavito says:

def gonna try this out! thank you!

Video Master says:

Thank you. I really needed this video.

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