Master the Pen Tool in Under 8 Minutes (Photoshop)

I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How:

The Pen Tool is the most accurate way to make selections in Photoshop. Finally, it’s yours to master! Download the sample image here:

The Pen Tool is a powerful and versatile tool that can be found in a variety of Adobe’s software products. In this tutorial, we break down the fundamentals, demonstrating how to use it to make elegant curves, perfect angles, and accurate selections. Whether you need to cut a subject out of a photo or create a precision shape or design, we’ve got you covered.

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Cut Out Hair Using Channels:



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TurdSpot Central says:

Can I get a like from a 1.5 Mil Youtuber? Then I’m a king. Get a comment? I’m a legend. Get a pin? I’m a god.

Photoshop Hypophrenia says:

thanks a lot Aron . i was wondering how to remove light reflecting from the hair ?

Arne Morten Myhr says:

Very good, i tried it on a picture I have. But it marked the hole picture how come????

Chris Greer says:

Best explanation of the Pen Tool EVER. Thank you…..absolutely fantastic. Thank you!!!

Omar Kchaichia says:

Thank you man you saved me

Addison Gideon says:

Thank you

Francisco Jansen says:

Thank you, you’re the best

paul sheriff says:

this is not correct as if you do this you can not select mask ..when you load in you picture at the start you should be telling people to make new layer from background if not they will only be working on the background ..but a good video but you need to explain this as when i open any picture it starts as background .so any one who new to photoshop will be stuck in 5 mins

Sanjeewa Ekanayaka says:

Nice Work Thank You 🙂

mer taha says:

look BRO i don’t know you but i love you thank you so much…you help me out there (there we go) you make me love this word continue more fun more video like this bye…peace

preben nielsen says:

This tutorial seems great unless you are a real beginner. Then you soom realize that it does not teach you how to recelect points, add points or delete points. Too bad.

Swift Boi says:

i still got a problem,for me it doesnt cut the backround it cuts the photo itself pls help im struggling so hard and i cant find anything on the internet that solves that problem

SwervyG says:

This is a really great channel. There have been too many incidents where YouTube prioritizes content that does not give back to the community. Your channel should have way more subscribers, Aaron. The fact that you give people free and in depth tutorials and get recognition for it is a really good thing. This is what YouTube needs more of, people who give back and are ready to help. Thanks Aaron!!! Btw I’m brand new to the channel and have already watch a lot of videos! Great personality

Alessio La Ruffa says:

Thank you so much for making the intimidating Pen Tool so easy to master, Aaron!

T100boy says:

Hi Aaron great video as always I have one question if you could answer it please
After I have cut out my selection and have it in a layer I have red dots on my image! How do I get them removed without
Damaging the image ? Cheers man says:

Excellent. Thank you for this tutorial.

Change Your Life says:

i am from pakistan. you are the best

Amin Edbali says:

love the new intro!

shoaib khan says:

Marvelous…..Bravo Thumbs up..great tutorial

Sanjeewa Ekanayaka says:

Nice Work Thank You 🙂

Nick Harmer says:

Great tutorial. What drawing tablet are you using?

Nellian Bekker says:

Why does my pen not work at all when I enlarge a photo that I want to work on? It only moves the photo around? I am despirate, please help?

Arraon Hixson says:

Lol You said, “Wing it”! And you were cutting out a bird!

Prescilla RG says:

I finally did it! once I got the hang of it, I started getting comfortable using it.

Ryan Officer says:

Psst, you forgot to add that link in the description to that video for cutting out hair using channels.

zeet bear says:

very helpful, superb thanks

Wolfgang Korazija says:

Many thanks for tip

Paul Ritchie says:

Been using Photoshop for over 10 years, never figured the pen tool out, this has changed the way I will cut out images now in the future…Thanks!!

شیرزاد معصوم زاده says:

Hello, please give me the sales invoice

Devendra Gurjar says:

that’s wonderful for me : PHEAEN

NbaLive4ever says:

Lol he said “wing” it. Pun intended?

Benjamin Harvey says:

i suck ::(


you earned yourself a new sub!

Umm Fatima says:

Thank you for making this video. I was stuck with the pen tool and I got a couple of really helpful pointers from it.

M Hamad says:

The pen tool is very hard to learn, but i will keep trying

Ls Lx says:

I feel hes just tremendous

alfito fahri says:

Thank youuuu so muchh

Oğuzhan Ural says:

Omg! This tutorial amazing! Hey Aaron, thank you for this video. I learned a lot of things from you. Keep going tutorial and we will continue to learn ☺

Simon Hubbard says:

Best Tutorial I have seen, I have quickly remastered the pen tool. Thank You.

TheMesoPeaks says:

Thanks my friend!

Glenn Turnbull says:

You make this look so easy. It isn’t!

carey lee says:

Great tutorial! What device are you using(pen and tablet).

Ltd. ShopRa & Co says:

It’s like I hear Kermit from Sesame str. when you say ‘curve’. No offence please, great tutorial.

DuzMachines says:

You forgot the most powerful shortcut key while drawing with the Pen tool. The only reason to upgrade to CC from CS6 which is…. the SPACEBAR…

Frank Tyson says:

Aaron Just been having a play with this Tutorial in CC 2018 and under the Pen Tool found 6 additional options including the Freeform and Curvature Tools I personally found those easier to use than the straight pen tool for editing paths Could you do a tutorial on those for the beginners amongst us

Ejay Mallari says:

Hello, Sir. I have a question. I am using Photoshop CC 2018, can I ask how to bring back the old Pen Tool that inverts the path itself depending on the color that you are tracing? Because the path in PS CC2018 has only solid colors and not changing when tracing.

Lauren Forster says:

SO helpful, thank you!!

Rafael Augusto Masson Rocha says:

Love the pen tool as well! Thanks for the tutorial! ;D

John Zhang says:

In this case, how would you compare to quick selection tool in terms of accuracy and effiency?

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