MIND-BLOWING Perspective-Bending Effect in Photoshop [EASY Photo Manipulation Tutorial]

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a perspective-bending effect. The resulting cube Earth will be a similar effect to the photo manipulations that you have seen in the movie Inception and Dr. Strange.

The Perspective photo manipulation effect in this video can be replicated with almost any landscape photo where the horizon is visible.

📺 90-SECOND Sky Replacement Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlgvoBVRYZg&index=3&list=PL3bfN-31F9Rdzg20w9tWbhIySXN11SmzY

📸 Adobe Stock Image: https://stock.adobe.com/images/aerial-view-of-home-village-in-bangkok-thailand/134554673

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📘 INDEX – Perspective-Bending Effect
01:22 – Setting Up the Photo
03:22 – First Perspective-Bending Effect (Wall)
03:58 – Second Perspective-Bending Effect (Cube)
04:40 – Reposition Layer Mask
05:45 – Match Recognizable Items in Photo
06:38 – Create Shadows and Highlights
10:44 – Clone-Out Imperfections.
13:33 – Create Road Going Off-Screen

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– Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

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Joyce Rivera says:

Wow Jesus, is there anything you can’t do in PS? Wonderful tutorial, loved the whole thing but especially the end where you have the highway coming up at us.

Mark Feliciano says:

Very cool JR

Richard Stalter says:

That is a crazy effect. I did have to go back and re-watch a couple times to make it sink in but as always, way cool. Thanks Jesús.

jektoo says:

(sorry for my english) A good evolution should be to make the limite between the two sides of the cube with a rounded limit and not a sharp limite

Buggy says:

i wonder if it would be possible to make a 3 sided cube using this technique. like top and 2 sides

martojano09 says:

Love your videos. You are a natural teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

pritamsingh uk says:


Karim Nassar says:

Hello Jesus thank you for another informative tutorial! Since you asked us to post; I actually used this exact technique here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57925489/Take-my-Hand Interesting tip on the duplicate effect on a new layer. I always pick up new tricks on your videos, and I really appreciate that. Being a long time user of PS, it’s always a pleasure to learn something new.

Sydney Solomon says:

Jesus..I am a big fan…I appreciate that your videos have closed caption…but that really does little to further, the same as a point by point tutorial. I we were to transcribe, each closed caption to a text file, it would take a few hours to complete the tutorial..at my age of 77, I dont have an extra few hours. 🙂

Luciano Moreira says:

Sensacional, bom trabalho.

Alberto Silva says:

es posible ver tus videos en español- no entiendo ingles-
gracias desde chile.- correo: fotomauropaz@gmail.com

Rachael B says:

This was so cool!!

leslie elliottsmith says:

Very nice, your explanations are well scripted, several things you did were shortcuts to how I do things, the shadow, the transforming of the road, and gradient. So definitely learned new tricks.

Alistair Mackay says:

Excellent tutorial. Thankyou

Will Smith says:

I like that! Different

Kaveh Mad says:

awesome tutorial thankyou so much

Abdelrahman Elmiligy says:

Wonderful tutorial, as usual !!

Artur JB Costa says:

Awesome, Thumbs up!

Clifford Manthey says:

The Amazing Jesus!

Peter Wydmuch says:

This is the first time I have seen this effect.

cep danie says:

awesome trick!! Terima kasih

Dominique A says:

Great !!!

jack minkyi says:


scotie690 says:

Clear, concise and truly helpful that´s how I see this amazing tutorial!
Thanks a lot Jesus!

Majd David says:

that was awesome tricks thank u

Victor Chin says:

Awesome compositing, great tutorial and packed with useful tips. THANK YOU!!!

Alam G says:

Great job!

tejasvi knight says:

your videos always best and we can not compare it with any video .. i love your channel and videos.

Jack Vainer says:

Great tutorial..! Thanks for sharing.

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