Photoshop CC Tutorial : Outdoor Portrait Editing 📷

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Photo By: Jessica Eplin
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Edit by : Kaiwan Abdulrahman

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Gustavo Arzich da Gama says:

I tried and asked me to Rasterize the black layer, and after that it doesn’t erase anything in that same layer….never got this thing working

exert2020 says:

Yes enhance but don’t make them look fake. Making areas really light when they’re in the shade and no light source on them? Where have the real photographers gone who can work in camera

Hethuhami Saranapala says:

I get it, you have no skill in photography but good photo editing skills. I’m going to learn photo editing to make all crap snapshots to look different.

MY KIDS TV says:

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Attics says:

Great editing!

stal ker says:

it seems to me i’ve fucked that girl for years

Yurii Horwight says:


Mike Rey says:

this works for jpg images? or just raw format??

azielulu says:

meine erste kamera da war ich neunzehn

Burcu Erdal says:

Thank you so much for this video. This is was I was looking for a long time.

Lisa Pearsall-Myers says:

I’m having trouble loading the presets. Can you help?

Dhruv Duhan says:

Pls promote my channel too
I do tutorials with Photoshop Touch

Shisha&Co says:

thanks it looks great

Nikita Diaz says:

tank you soooooo muchhhhhhhhh …… i was looking for this …!!!!! i love you..!!

Mauricio Nava says:

Good video!!

Kalakars Kalakari says:

love this tutorial

Jessica Eplin says:

I love it. Its amazing to see what others can do with your photos. Keep up the amazing work my friend, your a very talented and humble young man and I know you will go far.
Look forward to seeing more

23wiski says:

so good man. Your page rocks!

Dasha May says:

Jump to @1:44 to cut the bullshit. You’re welcome

Cilla Latte says:

Great tutorial

md bappy rahman says:

Amazing video about Photoshop CC editing. I love to work with photo. I am a professional graphic designer. here is the lin

I am me says:

You know what, I dont even know you but what you did (supporting creative pages and channels) without payback, Man you got my respect, I liked you so much that I really do hope you will go so far beyound expectations and shine bright like a star ;)) you got my support pal, you deserve alot of good things, god bless you

Jasensei says:

So badass. Photoshop is so crazy advanced!

corpeedo says:

0:13 A really cool WHAT??!!!?!?!?!? Toe-tree-alll ??? lol

Sajid Peña says:

Brilliant tutorial, thank you. Just saying 😛

Joshi Partybecher says:

Fantastic! Nothing more to say ^^
I also like your english dialect. Verry sympatic =)
I didn know how mutch can I do with simple photoshop tools befor. So thanks a lot

Angelica Fardin says:

How can I get the filter Kodak 5218 what you use for this photo? 🙂

Kasiang Chang says:

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ur work, so easy to follow.

Sarath Manoj says:


GIGGLR says:

I’m the commenter other commenters warned you about

Radioactive RedFox says:

this looks great! I have no idea how you got to the color correction station tho!

Fozley Rabbi says:

How to edit Outdoor Portrait in Photoshop CC

Francheska ruiz says:

What is I didn’t shoot in raw ??

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