Photoshop: How to create ART with the Pen tool

How to create art with the Pen tool in Photoshop CS6
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Pritesh Kanteliya says:

Great tutorial, thank you…!

Arpit Walia says:

Software bro?

Bilal Khan says:

Amazing work ,,,,! Thnkuu

The Tentacles says:

so helpfull, thank

shiney corner says:

Pause and see heroberine at 4:56

najmi jaszle says:

Bro .. i like the background music what is the name of the music ? want to download ….

JDiel says:

the hardest part is in the nose

Tashin Jehad says:

ctrl+delete doesent work cs6

HonzííkTv says:

avi video link? thanks

zed pro gamer says:

please the song name

Erin M says:

I made some incredible art for my company using this technique! THANK YOU!!!

القشة says:

just select image trace in illustrator

Skreperiukas says:


Jeffrey Spinner says:

Hey, I was learning this kind of cartooning in Ai (Illustrator) and I watched this, and it seems interesting as well…but it’s bitmap, not vector. Anyone have ideas of the pros and cons of either method?

I’m considering rasterizing in Ai, but idk if that’s gonna work or worth the effort…will try both methods tomorrow…I need the cartoon pics for Adobe An, Ch, Ae, and VoluMax 3D Photo Animator…

James Doukaga says:

Need this song please…

Tashin Jehad says:

alt +delete not working

Ronald Firdaus says:


Eduard Sneyder says:

se me crea otra puta capa cuando utilizo la pluma

md shadab says:

Same to same may bhi kar ra lakin ho ra q nhi

maxfu100 says:

Need HELP somehow when I do the eyes the white parts gets flipped around where the eye is the original photo and the whole face is white

Sekedar Tahu says:

You miss change “Shape” to “Path” Mode dude
That’s make me confused-_-

Sir zaiss says:

thank you xd

Yu Zou says:

it needs a lot skill about drawing

Eric Edits says:

Thanks So Much. I’ve been wanting to do this for like 3 years and I finally did it!!

Umair Rajpoot says:

really owsm and easy bro 🙂

Praful Chanda says:

Hey when I pressed Alt+delete it shows
“could not fill because the history state does not contain a corresponding layer”
Please help!

Azkar Fadlan says:


Mr.sul.k says:


Amielr Coloma says:

guys can u help me because every time i click alt enter nothings happen.

Recovered-1 says:

i tried it and came out bad ass thank you great video

Daniel Kautu says:

can you talk and stop that music please.

nguyen pham says:

OH! ty. 1000 likes


raman kumar

Harun Çelik says:

fuck your mother fucker teacher your father is your mother

Kayla Hardy says:

Every time I go to use the pen tool on my mask, it just makes a new shape layer? Help?

halo raider1 says:

this works only for that picture
i used another picture and messed up in the shadow part cuz my picture doesn’t have a shadow

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