Photoshop Tutorial: FACE PAINT! How to Paint Graphics onto a Face.

Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial showing how to “paint” a graphic onto someone’s face, such as a flag or a sports team logo.

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Wimpy says:

A bit faster?

Sketchy says:

Problem: I get to where I have to change the color of the eyes but when I brush it nothing happens

Edit: It won’t put color on the black and white parts, it makes the clored parts black and white. I’m selecting the right layer too

Dinārs Eklērs says:

did everything, but result was just black square on face

Cari Garafalo says:

It seems that CC nolonger has Refine Edge there in the Select menu section– it has replaced “Refine Edge…” with “Select And Mask…”

Xeeshooo Qureshi says:

sir my eyes cant get the original colour what should i do (i use adobe photoshop cs5)

Vizerk says:

This was a great help, I used this method to create my own speed art of Pennywise the Clown on my channel.

Ethan Ghere says:

I cant do black white

Jedna Budala says:

I love your tutorials! 😀 THUMBS UPP!!

Taro x says:

At 4:40 The brush does not reveal the color of the eyes.

Hardness: 0
Opacity and Flow: 100

I try to grush the eyes but it remeins black and white.

Said Ahmmed Exclusive says:

wow awesome video

mahyony says:

that was insane…..

OvereThere Better says:

This tool does not work
brush tool does’n’t working, why
pleas help me

Timothé De lavergne says:

That guy was hot

pinapothu balaji says:

Ur explanation soooooo good bro tq

Levani Mirvelashvili says:

Thank you for helpfull video Thumbs up

David Valencia says:


عماد عبد الجواد says:

Amazing Tutorial

Владислав says:

Awesome guides, so clearly and I am Russian understood all of you said, I subscribed

Amel Lamri says:

it does not for me :((((((((((((((( so sad

Waseem Alam says:


morganfalkowski says:

I don’t have the Refine Edge tool. Instead it says “select and mask” and it isn’t working in the same way as you did it. Any tips?

Gyan Point says:

Wow Bro Great Video for Editing ,, Bahut Acche Se Aapne Explain Kiya Hai .. Useful video for Editor ,,
thank you for sharing

scallop holden says:

oh how we wish it could be 7.99 again

Xeeshooo Qureshi says:

love u marty i m done with minE 🙂 :*

Emin Zeynali says:

I’m Mets fan too. Respect

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