Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Beautiful Sun Rays or Sunbeams to Photos

Photoshop CC 2018 tutorial showing how to add beautiful sunbeams or sun rays to photos.

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Martin Heeren says:

Marty, love your tutorials. Thank you so much. All the best for you in 2018

rarindra prakarsa says:

In terms of explaining…you are the best

Eupix says:

Thank you! And a happy new year!

Anggi Pistol says:

spectacular !!!

Lassana Toure says:

You are the best! Happy New Year

Umashankar Biswas says:

Happy new year modi.

C MEAN says:

Good want to learn any more. Thanks

Humberto Barroco says:


Ismaeil MAZZI says:

thanks for your adorable explaining sir, and happy new year

Re Mon says:


gera grey says:

Спасибо, красивое сияние лучей . С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!

rahul Coc says:

Nice happy new year

Brian Jennings says:

Great video Marty and Happy New Year. I don’t believe you’ve done any videos concerning making brushes or techniques for using them have you? There are plenty of YouTube videos about brushes, but no one does Photoshop videos quite like you. Thanks for all your time & effort in sharing your knowledge & talent.

itachi uchiha says:

happy new year master

Steven Brener says:

Love it…another great tutorial.

Luciano Moreira says:

Hello Marty, I’m a big fan of your work. But I think that you focus a lot on showing the values used in the effects, it gets a little tired, if the person is in doubt, pause the video and check. I’ve already been a subscriber to your channel for a few years now, and it’s the first time I’ve been talking about it. It’s just something I think. I’m a big fan. Thanks for your tutorials. You do a great job. Happy New Year!
I used Google Translator.

AndKem says:

Happy new Year i thank You for all!

Roldan Lopez says:

Great tutorial, thank you and happy new year !

Cunuduh Cabbage says:

Is there something you can’t do?

serge geacintov says:

Thank you. You have the rare gift of being able to explain.

Sagars51 says:

Happy New Year to my tutor

AJ Sharf says:

The best

Denis Batista says:


RDYS says:

fantastic, thanks

Graaspurv Strand says:

Thank you so much for this. Love your videos. Learning a lot

Nowsher Ahmad says:


Hack God - Android & PC says:

Happy New Year Marty,all the members and leArners 🙂

D.K. VFX Master says:

Great super


Thank you for this Amazing tutorial and Happy new year!!


Any video on 3d texturing??

Jemimah Penaredonda says:

Happy New Year, Marty.

rrr40 says:

a very happy new years to all and to you marty with another great tutorial

Fotojaap says:

Great tutorial, have a Happy new year!

Unique Digital says:

Happy new year sir

RSHK says:

How can I like a video 500 times?

Moataz Mostafa says:

you are just perfect and easy.. i have learned alot from yr videos , you are a reason of me to start photo manipulation .. kindly check mine for some advice and tips .i would appreciate it

Raj senior says:

Marty you are not only Marty .. You are Smarty .. All you do on PS is Awesome and Amazing
Heartiest Thanks for the Tutorials.

sophearum Bun says:

Great technique

Bobby Singh says:

you’re magician

Ranajit Sen says:

Sir you r grate…..

Prasenjit Pandit says:

Dear merty sir how can I get this type of pic for practice photoshop

Sorry for bad English

Spoofing Community says:

Love all of your videos! They help me so much and are explained perfectly.

Andrew Grabham says:

Nice work! Thanks for 2017, looking forward to 2018.

darwin rojo says:

Thanks master. Can you make a cinemagraph tutorial please… beacause your tutorials are so easy and helpful.

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