Photoshop Tutorial: How To Color Grade Like A Pro In 1 Minute

In today’s tutorial I’ll be showing how i color grade my images using LUTs! Its a simple and easy way to get your images looking great with minimal effort.

Image by @Phloshop:

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Frequency Separation Action:


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oluwaseyi okeowo says:

great video prince!

Dara Johnson says:

I’m pre-beginner photographer of events (mainly fitness events) and I’m having trouble making my pictures pop. This video helped tremendously. I love your videos (and accent). I would ask my wedding photographer what he does, but he’s so incredibly busy and I don’t want to bother him. Thank you for all that you do!

Alex Iby says:

What’s up prince! Very cool video today! I always love seeing other people color grade their photo’s! You are very skilled in the art of editing! Have a great day and keep up the awesome work! Cheers from Boston!

Abimbola Oluwakayode says:

Great video, Thanks Prince! But isn’t this similar to a Lightroom preset?

Omar Mahamed says:

Prince, thank you for making these videos, check me out at @omarpix (IG), how do I send you one of my photos, I would love to see you edit it

Shawna Fitzpatrick says:

Awesome! Thanks for this!

Espihay Photography says:

Hello Prince meyson I’m a big fan of your work please can you make a video on “how to get a oily skin tone” thank you


But what about those who aren’t using the same exact camera gears?

ClassicVision DigitalBrand says:

I hate the fact that u use More actions….we are learning from u therefore if u keep using actions u have made WE cannot understand nothing


can we get that as an action?

imagee02 says:

Great vid. Is this the technique a lot of the blog photographers are using to achieve the “look”?

Mike Ackerman says:

“I’m a teal and orange kind of guy.”

Terrence Nelson says:

Thanks for this post! I really appreciate your videos!

Daniel Anagnostis says:

Your tutorials are amazing, man! I came across some cool LUT packs a while ago, it’s really cool experimenting with different ones. I have way too many now though lol it’s hard to choose.

Asiedu Emmanuel says:

give us a link we can download some from

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