Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Powerful, Text Portrait Poster

Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to design and create a powerful text portrait poster.

“American Captain Regular” font:

Refine Edge tutorial:

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Mike Zador says:

The best of the best. The best regards to the authour. I am, honestly say, blown way with it. This tutorial is the most precisable and understandable of what I had seen.

Omar Aljoker says:

you are the best one

Graphikoo says:

good job

Abdul Hafiz says:

Marvelous,thank you

rock & roll says:

You are god

DirrtyBeans says:

The whole border thing at the end didnt work for me

Pumpkin piee says:


Màucủanỗi Buồn says:

Number One 1, Thank you

Koca Adam says:

Thank you…

Priotese says:

Hi! I really hope somebody can help be, because I’m just about to put my laptop through the window. So, I worked on three images in a row, like simple stuff (threshold and a color as background on multiply). When I open those images with Windows Photo Viewer, or even in the browser or the PDF reader, Windows automatically desaturates them. Does anybody know what causes that and how to fix it? Thanks!

Naby Camara says:

amazing tuto !

ПOVΛ says:

I made one thanks to this Video. Good tutorial!

Jelal Hero says:

Hi,I have a problem,when I set the width and heigh of the turning blur and not HD.Is the problem is on the photo or what?

lazzzyboy says:

Can you do this on mobile devices?

Katt Brown says:

Hi I have an issue where once I enter the refine edge stage, the image i’m cutting out with the quick select tool (my face) is all white and the background remains unchanged.

Its like as you see here, the background is all red and John Lennon’s face is the same, for my project the opposite happens. Must be a simple setting I have to change.

Heráclito Santana says:

You are Genius !!!!congratulations !prosperity in your life !

Kepo Info says:

Can anyone share the link fot tutorial how to make mosaic effect? i looking to BLTV and i didn’t find any. thanks

saad army says:

thanks boss .

Gravity Arm says:

who is this man on the photo ??

Facebo0k Techs says:

awssmm turutoril

Mira Flandez says:

You’re an amazing tutor! Kudos!

Omar Adnan Aloubady says:

Good Job, Can I get this photo ?? please .
Thank you

mygao Mike says:

Mi provis, instalis java, IE-retumilo nur povas esti uzata

Asma Alsaadi says:

Very clear, very straight forward, very professional. Thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial! You are amazing!

cem dilekci says:

You earned a subscriber.

George Tsilio says:

the photo is getting pixeled when i drag it out, the fault is in my pc or in the photo?

Yaman Kain says:

Your Tutorials are amazing. Easy to Understand.

Gurnoor Ghuman says:

sir your are awesome

Brandy Imlay says:

Wonderful teacher! Thanks SO much!

Leo Ataupah says:

it’s cool man

Gorgeous Gaidhu says:

amazing video……..

Isheta Bhatt says:

I tried it and it worked out as well. I recommend this video to anyone who knows how a mouse and a keyboard works. Thanks a bunch!

saad army says:

what the version Photoshop you use it ???

Ossas Anonymous says:

Love your Tutorial. I Love Marty from Blue Lightning TV

SRCtube : Photoshop Effects says:

Thanks for help people with Photoshop issues!

Dablkwid0w2008 says:

I wish i could do photo shop

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