Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform a Daytime Landscape into a Moonlit, Starry Night

Photoshop CC 2015.5 tutorial showing how to transform a daytime photo of a landscape into a moonlit, starry night.

Refine Edge In-depth tutorial:

Select and Mask In-depth tutorial:

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Belinda Gerritsen says:

Such and awesome tutorial, thank you 🙂


very nice, thank you

Insan Dost says:


Zed's says:

Love it!! Thanks!!

Amin Omidi says:

this tutorial is awesome ! i used it. thank you sir

Eline says:

it does not work with the brecet key

Kaloyan Velichkov says:

Amazing tutorial. Thank you so much! This is my edited photo:

Amjado Alio says:

You Are a wonderful man thanks for all You do

Angry BlondE says:

ive been watching you for almost 2 years and i thought you were in your thirties.

Mike Smith says:

Wow , cool.

Duncsalot PS4 says:

Me: “Wow, this tutorial is only 1 minute long!… Oh, it’s an ad.”

Lennart Huber says:

I can’t find Clouds. Can anyone please help me.

Raid El Iraqe says:

Hello from Iraq, and I am one of your followers for a long time was a day very happy when I saw you the first time. You are a wonderful human being and a creative thank you very much.

Saepul Rizal says:

marty, you are the BEST PHOTOSHOP GURU’S in this world

Emmanouil Kakogiannakis says:

Thank very much from Greece!!!!!!

ml mla says:

Thank you! This tutorial is amazing and you have really pleasant voice!

jamil akhter says:


Sujalsatish Motagi says:

can you give me photoshop cc for free

Marian Flores says:

Hermosa edición!!!

carlos vasquez says:

I need help with the dark sky’s please I’m using PS 6

yloliveira says:

WOW, thank you very much <3

Ej Esposito says:

I’m having some trouble with the “Z” part zooming in and making A rectangle, I hold “z” it zooms in but doesn’t let me make a box ! Please help

Myung Seon says:

you are the best teacher in my graphic hero.thank you so much

kiernan1122 says:

I wish Photoshop would have a yellow tipped pointer as you use with your Screen Capture. My Old eyes have trouble seeing the end point.

Frances B says:

Hello Marty, how many years do I need to become Adobe expert almost  like you? :=)

Ертегілер Әлемі says:

the source code is not open, please give a link?

Denise Mangan says:

love this very professional tutorial


very nice step by step tutorial

sporso spriha says:

Hi Marty I need how to change background tuitorial.. please send the link…

张茂松 says:

Marty,you are the best

mao em 10g says:

you are amazing i love you teacher

Steven Brener says:

Awesome! Your tutorials are the clearest I’ve ever seen. Glad I came across your channel.

I’m struggling with one thing though. I am trying to do this on a 6K x 4K canvas for use with 24mp images. On this larger canvas, I’m having trouble getting the starfield right, which wasn’t a problem on the smaller canvas. The starts come out a little too small and the density and volume are just too great. Any idea how I can get the starts to look bit bigger but more importantly make the sky looks less crowded? Thanks

Guardian Observer says:

Can you explain me why I made everything nice and good like you described on the video, but when I save either as png or jpeg and open the file again, there are much more stars than the original file with the layers. I don’t understand how can this happen. I merged and also flattened the file before save but allways with the same result. Much more stars.

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