Photoshop Tutorial: Layers & Layer Masks For Beginners

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This is a beginners level tutorial on how to use layers, adjustment layers and layer masking in Photoshop.

If you’ve been confused by layers or layer masking and want to go back to basics then this is the video for you.

I also go into why adjustment layers are critical for non-destructive editing (and why this is a good thing). Curves, levels, hue/saturation etc. These edits can all be made non-destructively using the techniques shown in this tutorial.

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Barry Oakley says:

I found it partially useful but also would like to have seen the combined effect of the layers in the final Photoshopped image.

Collin Courtois says:

Thanks so much for this !!!

Mahali Selepe says:

Thank you!

kaynat akhter says:

thank you so much for this tutorial. 🙂

allan benzon says:

Thanks for this tutorial. I clearly understood the concept of layers & layer masks! More Power!!!

Daniel Ball says:

Thank you 🙂

Adrian arnett says:

this is a good quality, very understandable tutorial.

David Adams says:

Awesome explanation of layers! Thanks!

Joe Colclasure says:

Very helpful

Mitchell Chapman says:

this is an incredible video for beginners, like myself. Best one I have found yet to really explain these concepts! Subbed.

Siddharth Dixit says:

right voice clear movements synchronization on screen and made simple .Thx

Malcolm Engineer says:

Man!!! that is excellent

Lori Anderson says:

Excellent video. One more question…how would you save the final edited photo with all the layers?

Jeff Straw says:


James Duggan says:


mohamed gamal says:

thanx bro after very long period of suffering with layers and layers mask now i got the pint

MiataTravels says:

I’ve satisfied myself with debilitating confusion for years. Thanks for the overview. PS is just slightly less daunting now.

norman english says:

Best description on how to use layer and layer masks yet well done i have now got it. I have subscribed keep up the good work your vocal speed is spot on.

Michael Ramirez says:

very helpful thanks

David Luetchford says:

Best tutorial I have seen yet. I now understand the concept much better. Helps that it is in proper English

Kamaluddin Ahmad says:

the best intro to layers and layer adjustments indeed!

Helena Tv says:


clive de Klerk says:

Thanks for the information great stuff

Steven Rice says:

Great tutorial!

Mark Janes says:

Finally, someone else who recognises the stupidity of the “white to reveal, black to conceal” rhyme! (Or is it the other way round?) Great video. Concise and clear explanation.

pikeman1000 says:

any spare brain cells

Mary E says:

The best!!

james sloan says:

Very good tutorial; not too fast, clear, intelligible and instructive! 5 out of 5 stars.

misterstitch says:

Awesome. Cheers

Austin Glubay says:

Thanks for the video. But, just as a recommendation, add some background music so the video doesn’t feel to be so monotone and lull on.


Excellent intro, I’m finally understanding the layers; thank youi

Murat Uzun says:

The best photoshop tutorial!

Jeffrey Schwab says:

Excellent video for someone who is new to Photoshop like me

Marsha Spencer says:

Most useful and understandable. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I sincerely appreciate this tutorial!

Matteo Fortin says:

Your video is simply great! Tx

Genevieve Laurin says:

Very helpful, thank you kindly! 🙂

Ceilih McGrady says:

Thank you! I can’t believe how hard it is to find this information.

Joseph Pete III says:


My Thoughts says:

I don’t understand all this talk about black to reveal white to conceal or whatever…….
i have seen in almost every video on this topic ,

I think the colors are pretty intuitive , black is kind of negative and erasing something can be thought as negative,
while white is a positive color used for the clouds and the angels and the snow so it brings back the dead pixels……

I never understood people’s confusion in this case.

What was confusing to me was how can you delete something with a color but that is just used for simplicity on the program not that it actually makes any logical sense. But it was smart of them to use the color black because it is intuitive.

Gamingto says:

thank you for helping me . i am currently making a gaming channel

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