Photoshop Tutorial | Manipulation Workflow and shading

In this video we will learn to create a manipulative scene using several images having nice light effects using photoshop cc version.

Model Credit:
Jessica Truscott




Ponte Ryuurui says:

that exposure /temp brush trick is pretty neat, i haven’t thought about that

vishal jha says:

please provide stock link

Ctrice says:


Mohsen Nasr says:


Octavio da Silva says:

Nice show. But very bad Tutorial. You are so fast that it actually says nothing to me.

2728muzikmann says:

really need the files to do this. Cant find the red particles above the light

FifftyGunz says:

Awesome video with music but please sir, do not call this a tutorial!

Noel David says:

how much do you charge for something like that

Soumyadsep Dhar says:

So interesting…

音樂留聲機 says:

Very nice,

Benyapa Ruengsripai says:

Where is the background from?

Simran Kaur says:

where i stock for background bro

Royal. Blue says:

Thank you for the Nice Tutorial :3
and btw can i know the song name plz 😡

Mamun Hossen says:

Sir, Which version of Photoshop is it?

Mohd Nazmi says:

man this is beyond perfection ! great job

Regina KN says:

You need to talk in your tutorial, otherwise nobody can enjoy such a presentation.

Nego Angel says:


RowdyVideos says:

plz tell me which sound track you used

helga wilson says:

Too shy to speak? would have helped. 5 out of 10

short film Maker says:

pls contact me 7397587421

harleyxfia says:

I learn a lot from these videos! thank you! going to try these kinds of edits from now on 😉

Gunjan Chopra says:

Very nice video… initially i could follow and understand what u did but gradually i lost you because of no audio explanation. Would have really helped if you had explained this video. You got a new sub though. On the whole i like your work.

kaifraja kaifbhai says:

in sab ka background kaha se mile ga so plz

Davide Crisafi says:

Compliments. Surreal image and good visual impact

Richu chandran says:

bro please give to me the all pics link ………please

hakam soufan says:

Your work great because.. the girl pose and angle .. the light you used in her face .. the shadow .. holding the only light she has in this dark desert .. the challenge and sad of the music in the same time .. make your tutorial complete artwork .. thank you

Jelly Beans says:


João Batista Siqueira says:


Trường Giang Nguyễn says:

could u give me those stock and brushes? please, many thanks

Richu chandran says:

bro please give to me to pics link……….. please

William Miller says:

Learn to use a microphone!

Amoris Rodriguez says:

wauw! perfect cover artwork for a song

sarah sarah says:

Hello sir, can you help me?

Photoshop Tutorials PS101 says:

looks cool! nice work!

Tia DeGiobbi says:

Wow this is so so beautiful

Mark Koller says:

Way to fast and with no audio it makes it almost impossible to follow

ibzé M'baye says:

nice nice mais ilfaut aller doucement la !

Dimas Jombang says:

what cc you’re photoshop

osama hasan says:

how can i find nik software i couldn’t find in filter menue

Diamond Heart says:

Podałby mi ktoś link to tej wersji Photoshop?

Italo Nha says:


Quang Phạm says:

Can you give me the remain stocks, please?

pavel bahez says:

Go hard or Go home…. thats am talking about .. thanks Bro

Mad MoneySlick says:


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