Photoshop Tutorials – Paper Cutout Text Effect

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to apply this paper effect to your text or lettering. The step-by-step format will help you recreate the effect whether you are a beginner or an expert. Make sure to subscribe for more Photoshop tutorials. Thanks for watching!

Pattern download link:
Google Drive:

Customizable PSD file on sale for $5 here:

Hardware used: (Affiliate link)
Blue Yeti Microphone:

Font used in thumbnail: (Affiliate link)
DIN Condensed:

Softwares used:
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Apple Final Cut Pro X

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TREGS – Berry

Joakim Karud – Loudness & Clarity


Suzan VP says:

This was far to hard for me! The resultaat is cool, but not what it should’ve been.

clemente says:


Dulce Aguayo says:

If I’m using Windows wich command is 4:41

Korra Felicien says:

thank you very much for the lesson. You are greatly skilled. #newfollower to your instagram

Katja says:

how do you come up with this! Wow!

mack allen says:

Awesome tutorial! Thanks for the pattern link.

甭 甭 says:

What’s your fronts that you use on your thunbnail ? I like it but I can’t find a similar one

Grecia Valerio says:


Harold Crane says:


Merto Lopez says:


Tskadudel says:

Sorry, but the paper effekt are too bright

Heister Reinsch says:

Love it, but one Problem: Minute 12:15 wont work. If I add the clipping mask to the underneath layer, the effect on the upper layer is gone. Clicking on the eye of the layer to watch the difference there is no effect. From that point I couldnt go on with that tutorial, because the further effects wont work. Any idea? Thank you.

Raven says:

Nice tutorial. A question.
how to do insert your logo from Ai? (command,pls :D. I have a windows, sorry if you say in the video but I don’t understand/speak english very good… sorry).

Tashah Marais says:

What do i do if the photoshop doesnt allow me to fill when i selected the text? When i “shift +Delete” it says “Could not cut command because the selected area is empty”?

Raita Sorin says:

Wooow man! i’m totally Speechless ! i don’t know even what to do, that was fantastic your voice and the music from background is jut to Zen for me

Raita Sorin says:

What is the name of music from background please?

Yennifer Montero says:

Font Name Please?

Inteltek Ntb says:



Edu Cheje says:

Spanish subtitles please

Tate Nettestad says:

When I try to change the FX for the lettering layer it automatically pulls up the layer for the background that has already been set.

Vivian Sung says:

Very cool tutorial, thank you. But I wonder could this happen if we use the white background and black text? I have a problem with those color.

Diana Herrera says:


rvbcia says:

is it possible to make this kind of effect on Adobe Illustrator?

Kim Vanessa says:

I can’t understand 12:17

Mario Muñoz says:

You are simply amazing!

colleen t says:

youre so amazingggg

Osnei Machado says:

Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial! I made it many times to test different fonts and it was amazing! I only had one problem: When I pressed the arrows down + left to put the shadows inside, it didn’t work for me… then my paper effect was not 100% like the video. I tried and I tried but nothing… Anyway, great work and thanks again!

Miss Coconutte says:

I have got a problem: in 8:30, when he brings the “lettering copy”‘ ‘s oppacity to 0 and he applies the blending effects on this layer you he is able to see what he does. If I bring the oppacity to 0 and I work with this layer I can’t see anything happening. Does anyone know why it doesn’t work?

Yunling Liu says:

i need Adobe Illustrator so

Jerick Cruz says:

not able to get your pattern…

StukjePatat says:

Nice Tutorial! What is the font on the thumbnail?

Tsz Kwan Wang says:

Thank you very much for your tutorial! really like this effect and you explained everything so clear!

Raita Sorin says:

I just hit it the Subscribe bouton

Shirlei Barnes says:

Wow, cool!

Eva Zhan says:

wow…. I did it! It works perfectly and the result is super adorable. This tutorial is so powerful! You are the MIGHTY of photoshop text effects!! Thank you! I have problems finding other color combinations on my own, though

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