PIXEL ART in Photoshop (Tutorial)

Learn how to create Pixel Art in Photoshop!

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Edited by the awesome Sofibab and Lebonques.


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TheCyberDiamond says:

brackeys could you make a voice chat tutorial that would be cool so you could use the voice chat to talk to people in your game it would be good for games where you need to talk tatics c:

AskillZ says:

Nice video Brackeys. Very useful!

Ps: Please make a video like this one but for low poly 3d art. Thanks!

Lynx says:

I’d use aseprite it is designed for pixel art and allows for doing animation easily. Also with pixel art it is a bad idea to use jpeg for stuff except possibly backgrounds. PNG is the prefered standard for a lot of pixel art based games.

Shunketsu Sozosha says:

Good tutorial! Easy and fast

Sokar599 says:

This is great!

Pieas Asif says:

Great Video.
I am sad because I didn’t find this channel sooner. 🙁

Shunketsu Sozosha says:

Instead of Grid, i chose Dots. For me, this option was more convenient. The grid no longer interferes with the overview

Mr. Adhesive says:

For anyone who is disappointed because they can’t (or don’t want to) afford PS, check out piskel! It’s free and it is specifically designed for pixel art! If you are feeling edgy you can even turn up it’s resolution and have a normal image editing software. I have made two half finished games with it and one isn’t even 8-bit inspired.

Jemand Etwas says:

Photoshop has a navigator that does the exact same thing as dragging the canvas into a separate image .

Brackeys says:

To those of you saying that you should always use PNG over JPG in this case: You are completely right! JPG can cause compression artifacts and is meant more for photos.

Apart from that, hope you enjoyed the video! 🙂

Naruto Uzumaki says:

Nice tutorial can u please make a one about saving and loading with json

King Gore says:

Dude, you are the best. How could you know so much?

HamsterMoviesPro says:

Are you going to join Ludum Dare 40 in December?

Opin Ci says:

If anyone here has the same issues as me when it comes to colour being degraded and odd when importing to unity with PNG, and if you have a solution for it. Please, feel free to help me out, im struggling

Ioane Feiqrishvili says:

Please make a tutorial: how to make realistic ship movement

Hungryhyena78 says:

Brackeys, I’m completely new to game making but I’ve always wanted to do it, I notice that in a lot of your videos, you make general things for certain objects, for example, you might have a script that enables gravity in an object, my question is, could you just make a folder on your desktop that includes a copy of all theses scripts, so that when you make a new game, you can paste them in and make life a lot easier?

Ahmed Samy says:

can i make my photo shop dark like brackeys bleas

Samuel Kemp says:

Roguelike series!

JustABlitzprank says:

Piskelapp.com is dedicated to make pixelart, and does noet require a “beefy” pc to run photoshop 😉
its a decent alternative in my humble opinion 😀

Hungryhyena78 says:

Please help, I’m trying to make gravity false on a cube when the game starts but C sharp won’t accept it, I did exactly what he did in his video 🙁 what am I doing wrong?

It Man says:

Слава украiнi !

Recai Geçiken says:

Which software best in pixel art? (Ps or aseprite?)

Ives Tee says:

This guy knows his stuff, fast paced very to the point and informative video. He’s obviously very talented and knows the formula for quality tutorials. Thanks Brackeys.

joplier says:

make tutorialfor how to make a game for christmas

Kid Amador says:

8:18, start where?

AceManFTW says:

Thank you so much!! Great explanations, really nice edits, too! Keep it up! 😀

Dog says:

HI. Can you please make a tutorial on a enemy ai script for fps please, zombies or soldiers either will be fab. There is no decent setup for this.

Kid Amador says:

what version of photoshop is Brackeys usings?

Khadin says:

Really liked this video. Always wanted to try pixel art, and this video explained how to go about it perfectly!

Danian D. says:

Just buy Pyxel Edit

Agnik Banerjee says:

Can you teach us advanced AI pathfinding with Nav-Mesh in a new video series? That would be a cool topic, and very helpful. Maybe some zombies.

Adam Eason says:

i use a program called pyxel edit (especially for animations) but photoshop is a great second for me.

Ahmed Samy says:

osam think can you make a tetorial about make this kind of games in unity i think this will be very cool
and how you are maked your photo shop dark combleatly can you exblane that for me bleas

Ezio Auditore says:

please i need your help ! i need to bend(curve) Image UI in unity please reply me. Sorry my poor language.

The Gaming Wolf says:

Brackeys I have a question I found a software called Marmoset Hexels I and I think it is better than photoshop in pixel art can you make a review for it

Fun Videos says:

I learned some amazing things about photoshop. Visit link and learn something new : https://goo.gl/o4gkQz

Glorplen says:

Are you danish?

Zippen says:

Why my art its not hd when im drawing?

Xanfow says:

Nice Tutorial Brackeys!

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