Sky Replacement Photoshop CC Tutorial

SKY REPLACEMENT EFFECT IN PHOTOSHOP CC! | Check out how I like to attack an image to create a complex selection of the sky and then drag in a new sky and blend it in place using layers and blend modes.

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we will walk through the full process of dragging a new sky into an image and creating a very complex selection of the existing sky to isolate it and fill it with the new sky. I’ll also show you how to use the blend modes and multiple layers to create an effect that can change the way any photograph looks.

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Maryam Samadi says:

This is a super advanced tutorial! I have done something like this but not this advanced. Great job!


I would love a good sky replacement in AE Tutorial 🙂 like with really hard problems to fix..

Climber8 says:

An amazing effect !

Mike Allen says:

Greay tutorial man. I love also you lower thirds. How did you do that.

Azrin Az says:

Great tutorial, would love to see a tutorial where you teach about complex selection and the different methods

Felippe Lopes says:

whats going on with your white balance in this one ?

ThaTyger says:

Bro do you even grade?
Nice tutorial though 🙂

Tata Nata says:


Mounir Ps says:

It’s very amazing lesson, thanks, tutvid, and i like your tutorial.

Desinika says:

Good tutorial as usual mate, ut gotta ask; What about the front window reflection?

Joespn says:

This looks so cool!!

adithya shukapuri says:

Where to find pictures like that

Zain Tech says:

This is probably best place for tutorials

Alex Cisneros says:


City Circles says:

Proud to learn from you ….NATHANIEL DODSON { TUTViD } ♥

Cesar Chewybjj says:

Really good tutorials my brudah!

ธีระยุทธ สมบุญยิ่ง says:

tvid you awsome

Asher Epstein says:

First comment?

Baldur Edvardsson says:

Great as always.

aya ya says:

Greatest cleanest tutorials

Marc Herrmann says:

Hi Nathaniel, do you think that this replacement could have been facilitated by using “Blend If” applied to the blue channel, rather than fiddling with the different (luminance) masks? Or did the sky not contain enough blue information for this approach to work?

DOllAr'S MeDiCAtIoN says:

How you add captions to your every youtube tutorial videos. Please make a video on this!

Neil Martin says:

Nathaniel, your white balance has gone crazy in your videos, man! I mentioned this on another of your videos a month ago here: but the whitebalance has gotten progressively worse. Are you ok over there?

SHIROKOV photography says:

Hey! Very interesting tutorial! I did some before and after examples video. Check it out please on my channel. Realy important your opinion. Thanks!

Hamdardsayed123 Looy says:

love u bro but the same prior problem am facing already right now with your this video such i faced on your last video
u know right we are foreigners and understanding only your some points because of your fast talking

Donny Helvey says:


Morten Normann Almeland says:

What kind of screen recording progam do you use? Camtasia or Adobe Captivate? Or something else?

Marcio Rihass says:

It would be very nice if photographers put edited with photoshop or something when they upload pictures like this. Sure it’s pretty, but picture taken by blablabla photographer is a little bit weird considering the final result has very little from the picture taken.

Imdadul Haque says:


Tim millaway says:

Love that building. I think it’s the Merchant Exchange Building in the Olde City district in Philly.

Bill Ding says:

As you said the sky is already clear, it’s a bit more tricky when there’s clouds and grey coverage

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