The DIFFERENCE Between Vibrance and Saturation in Photoshop – COLOR ENHANCING Tutorial

Photoshop tutorial showing you the difference between Vibrance and Saturation in Photoshop

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Oddmeter says:

Thanks again for another illuminating tutorial! Really helpful!

R Garlin says:

Thanks JR – perfectly explained and very helpful as always!

Roni Chastain says:

Enjoying your videos! Thanks!!

James Harris says:

She is very cute! She can come over and help me harvest my flowers anytime.

Jose Diaz H says:

Excelente, muchas gracias Jesus R.

Niraj films says:

super detailed video….

Colin Adams says:

Very useful, thank you

Steven Hubbard says:

I often use the camera raw filter and have always struggled to understand how the saturation/vibrance sliders interact. Now I get it.. thanks!

Michael Simonds says:

Another EXCELLENT HELP!! Thank you Jesús!

min Ö says:

notification squad!

craig jones says:

Thank you for producing such a clear video on what the difference between saturation and vibrance truly changes. I will be using the vibrance color enhancing  tool more now. Keep up the great work.

Ken Johnston says:

Great tutorial, Jesus. I’ve been wondering for years exactly how saturation and vibrance behave differently. I can read about it and not understand it, or I can watch your tutorial and understand it. Now I get it 100% and will change the way I do post processing, thanx to you.

I Tutorials says:

Nice Tutorial I like it

Romulus MAP says:

Great! Thank you.

Giovani Linton says:

Nice tutorial, this was really helpful!!!

Simon Patterson says:

So well explained!

Jens Vielmann says:

Have not been that scientific about it, but I believe Lightroom/camera raw may again use a slightly different algorithm for vibrance/Saturation… am I wrong?

Stefan Johnsson says:

It’s so fantastic when you explain what actually happens “under the hood” in Photoshop when showing those RGB channels. That helps a lot to understand what I am really doing and why with the different layers and sliders… And by the way, you explain it so everyone can understand. That’s a true gift. Many people can explain Photoshop the mathematic way, and that will help 0,001 % of the users… Your way helps the rest of us … Thanks a million.

Noel Conway says:

Thank you, I used these interchangeably without noticing the difference, thanks for the tutorial.

donna taylor says:

Thank you so very much…

Aamar Rahman says:

Did Photoshop cs3 had this slider?

Linda Johnson says:

Great explanation! I will definitely be tweaking with a vibrance channel from here on out! Thanks!

Vincent Ciro, Sr. says:

Excellent as always, Jesus. Thanks very much.

Hammerhaus Kennel says:

Thank you for this!! 🙂

JREEL says:

I always stick to vibrance, especially to enhance the overall look and depth of the image. Saturation the colors tend to bleed out if it makes sense, just too much for the image to look real or pleasurable to the eye.

A combo of both can be done but it takes precision.

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