Water Dispersion Effect Photoshop Tutorial

“i am splashed” ~ Tutorial video how making Pixel Explosion Effect (dispersion) water splash on an apple photo, easily by using Adobe Photoshop.

This tutorial can also be tried on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC. Happy trying and salam (peace).

Stock images : https://goo.gl/XUf2Gr

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Backsound : Now Is Now ~ by Dan O’Connor | http://danosongs.com ~ Royalty Free Music


Snax Lp says:

this video is so insanely bad edited! Please do not use the zoom in/out effect. And the music either

nikki greaves says:

Really hate tutorials that don’t walk you through what they are doing but instead play terrible music.

G0DZ says:

Chill with the music buddy

Julia Sarkisova says:

It is nice!
Because I have Photoshop lessons

Gentle Lion says:

Thank you!! 🙂

Fork Man says:

music is shit

Shirwatel Simini says:

That’s a very long video for such a basic tutorial !!!

Ery1389 says:

Thank you for the tutorial! I liked the music too! <3

Rafiqul Islam says:

Tutorial was good, but music gave me cancer 🙁

michaël Clerinx says:

that was so easy to do

Pepijn Huibers says:

I just love the fact that half of the comments are about how shit the music is. but for real stop the music bro

János Szabó says:

Thanks 😉

Daniel Emerick says:

It was such a relief to hit the mute button!

JA tutorials says:

good job
check out my new channel
IS tutorials

p3rrypm says:


Khaleel Broz says:

what a stinky music!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphic Designing says:

good tutorial

Polaris The Great says:

not sure if this is a photoshop tutorial, or a montage parody


Did like yours but with little changes like red apple,green leaf etc etc though i am in learning stage it was good and thank you very much …..hope i can share the photo with you


good job

J Young says:

Great tutorial dude!!

Hải Nam Phạm says:

I don’t like this

Dennis M says:

moronic music choice…only idiots need apply

Being sports says:

fantastic but without voice not god how we can learn

Origoo MGL says:

good job but your fps is so low

Flamins Ki says:

Shittiest music ever

HedgehogandRabbit says:

I love the effect and the tutorial was nice. The issues I had with it was the music, the lack of using shortcut keys instead of menu options and the zooming in and out for every click. If you’re screencasting in HD, you won’t need to do that. Most monitors are 19″ or larger, so zooming in is just nauseating and pointless. Otherwise, I think this was a decent tutorial with some clever tricks to learn. Thanks for posting.

Mark Vagil says:

the music is cancer

Picasso Pablo says:

Thanks to the mute button this video looked great

Nasir Uddin says:

ami ps ta download korte chi…..jodi aktu help korten????

Hana Hou says:

i got through 2 mins of the video and couldn’t handle it anymore. the music is to distracting, and the way the video constantly zooms in and out after every action is too difficult to watch.

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