Basic Video Editing: With PinnacleStudioPro

Join PinnacleStudioPro for Video Editing 101 in Pinnacle Studio. Learn about video capture, editing, audio, transitions, trimming and more!


IdeaSteve says:

make it work for android

sameh ghfaga says:

الرجاء متابعة الاصدار الجديد بلغة العربية

sameh ghfaga says:

سامح خفاجة مدير تصوير بالوكالة المصرية للصحافة والاعلام

DerKommentator says:

How can you make so cool intros&co

Dereck Mugittu says:

if i recorded my clips with an iphone6, what video standard would that be?

Dereck Mugittu says:

I used an iphone6 to take my footage, however, the clips show terrible quality once imported into Pinnacle. Why is this so…..?

Tarik Isik says:

HEY I got a question: when I play video on timeline or on source the video is not smooth and its jamming. What can I do about it?

Ken Sheyker says:

i have a 1080p 60i and p camera


gracias carnal..

Tun Soe Tech Review says:

could you make Pinnacle Studio Vs Luma fusion.

B Boyy says:

I accidentally  delete video I cant find now please tell me how to get it back

lytningthief says:

Someone help me! The trim buttons dont appear and that makes it HELL to get the clip I want down into the timeline! I have pinnacle studio 18 so it SHOULD be there.

HauntedShadowsLegacy says:

I want to do a glitch effect in a video I’m making, but no one has a tutorial for either this program or the other program I have. I am soooooo boned…

vasist kumar says:

studilo 19

VideogameVampireQueen says:

not sure why when my video exports is not fullscreen could you please help me ?

Snap Lab Records LLC says:

Have you ever edit a music video with this program

Don Randall says:

Good job.  I have come back to Pinnacle Studio 18 after last using version 9, and am impressed with the improvements.  Your videos are certainly helping the transition!

Kristoffer Lundgaard says:

when im putting my records in pinncale it fucks my sounds voice up ??

KEEVVY says:

Camtasia looks a lot easy.

Beaute by Naja says:

When uploading my videos to pinnacle and start editing the video is freezing but still plays and i can hear my voice which makes it hard to edit. Any idea why?

DC Kwan says:

Camtasia is very useful right?
Coz ur using Camtasia for editing this video tutorial 🙂

Asger DH GAMING says:

Can you leave a link to the download page please 🙂

3D/ 2D Videoproduction GTA says:

Is it possible with Studio 18 Ultimate to have Audio tracks or Titles track optional on a disc ? (Such as choosing languages or subtitles for movies) If yes, please, explain how to prepare the project and how to export it to a file before burning a disc. Thanks.

Alice Brewster Lets Talk says:

im i dumb or something all i wanna do it cut and trim important bits but it just keeps deleting the whole thing grrrrrr 🙁

Hnandez Tanten says:

Hello, Man I want to first say thank you for the wonderful and captivating tutorials you’ve posted over the years. I have indeed stayed inspired.
My question is does Pinnacle Studio offer (1) rotoscope and (2) motion tracking yet, or some type of plugin that I can purchase and us with this software?  Thanks again for you excellent works .

P. SuniaMafile'o says:


I recently installed PS18 and it is working fine except I am missing a couple of features. For example.
Volume keyframe
Smart timeline mode
Audio control in the Disc editor

Volkswear says:

Great video.  I’ve been using Studio 18 for a bit now but I still learned a few things.  I’m trying to figure out how to rotate a video clip 90 degrees.  Can’t seem to find the option to do that.  Can you help me with that?  Thanks JC.

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