How to Edit Video on iPhone & iPad: Pinnacle App Tutorial for iOS

Step-by-step guide showing how to edit video on iPhone & iPad! (Pinnacle Studio Tutorial for iOS) ***** Pinnacle Studio Pro:

Pinnacle Studio Pro:

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— Edit Video on iPhone & iPad: Pinnacle Studio Tutorial for iOS —

Editing apps on iPhone and iPad have REALLY come a long way, and you can now get some great results right on your phone or tablet device.

We’ve tested a TON of apps, ranging from the simplest template-based apps that automatically generate videos from your footage, to full-blown editing solutions with timeline and multi-track support… After trying out so many options, we released a video running through the two apps we’d recommend to anyone looking to edit on iOS (check it out here:

One of those recommendations was Pinnacle Studio for iOS. It’s an awesome app for creating great content right on your iPhone or iPad – and in this video we run you through a Pinnacle Studio Tutorial showing exactly how to use it!

This is not a full featured review and will not cover how to use every tool or feature in the Pinnacle Studio app. We’ll be running through a full edit end-to-end, covering everything you need to know to get you editing fast, and with great results, using your iOS device.

NOTE: We’ll be following the Primal Video Method, the most efficient editing process to eliminate any rework or wasted time. We did a video on this a while back (here: If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also download the PDF guide to help you with your videos:

— If you’re looking to take your iPhone video creation to the next level, you need to check out our COMPLETE Guide to Filming Professional Videos with iPhone: —

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Editing Video on iPhone & iPad: Best Video Editing Apps for iOS:

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Choa Yeon says:

every time I try to save the video it sometime crash. damn it. cause of that one update.

lucky weliveinavan says:

Great tutorial! Is pinnicle pro capable of exporting 2.7k to vimeo?

Paul Schweizer says:

Can I make a tilt shift effect in this app? And can I switch the fps (for example: from 30 to 24)? Sorry for the bad english, i’m 13 and from Germany.

Sunny Dutta roy says:

what is better pinnacle or imovie

Ingrid's Voice says:

So is there any difference between the latest pinnacle and the new luma fusion?

Jacob Nair says:

Video starts at 1:15

Joey Dutton says:

Thanks. Very helpful in getting started.

Brandon Wright says:

can you do split screens?

Love2TravelAway says:

Your a great teacher you get to the point clear and direct. Im going to learn so much from you I subscribed and will share it with my older friends…Old but fast learners

Gaming_with_gabe says:

Cute cut pro is MUCH better and cheaper than this editor and it has a more simple interface and everything that has something to do with each other is all in one simple to navigate place. The one thing I like better about Pinnacle Pro is that it has a much easier way to move clips. But that’s not worth 13 dollars I think. If you guys want to try it for free, go to my channel and look for my video on how to get vshare and then search cute cut pro or Pinnacle Studio- Video editing and you can try it free

Itzshehzad says:

Hello soz about clickbait

whyso happy says:

Wow. Thankyou. It helped me so much.It is very useful video.

Jonathan Pierce says:

What’s the difference between pinnacle studio & pinnacle studio pro (ios)

David Hepworth says:

Not worth £12

THW FIRST Sjjaja says:

How do I get videos from youtube to put it in my project

Rick Aguilar says:

Hey Justin, how fast would a 1 minute video upload to YouTube? Thanx

Ironmonkey103 says:

Pinnacle has the worse support. I have many editing programs of which worked on XP and still work today on Windows 10. Pinnacle is far to slow to develop fixes to where there programs will work on upgraded operating systems. I have Pinnacle 16 and it will not work with Windows 10. I have searched for fixes on there site and there is nothing. No patch, just nothing. Now there are some people who have found tricks to make it work, but why should i have to fuck with my registry risking fucking up other programs to do so? If the trick was found, then Pinnacle should have no problem developing a patch. I’m done with Pinnacle.

Jon Lindsey says:

Justin, I hope youre working on a tutorial for LumaFusion right now, Pinnacle was the top app at one point, but LumaFusion is hands down the top dog right now!!!

Sueme Pescalas says:

This was a awesome video! Two thumbs up five stars! Sub and fave. Thanks! I hope you have a great day.

PeaceRich says:

Thanks for so much help got really strugeled using this app

anime queen says:

If there anyway to get rid of the black out line on the text or make the all of the text black?

Yander Animations says:

Can u move the text

Joseph Tapper says:

This is so much easier than imovie! How do you add more videos to the same project?

Nick Steuber says:

Can you change the framerate at some point of the editing process

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