Pinnacle Studio 16 17 & 18 Ultimate – Lightsaber Tutorial

This tutorial on the lightsaber effect for Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle Studio 17, and Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate will show you how to use the force and engage in a lightsaber battle in any of your videos. We use the same principles as the energy ball effect to create a lightsaber with the title editor.

Star Wars Intro/Text Tutorial –

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Girlyglo says:

hahaha! love your tutorials. Man you make them look easy and your personality makes it funny and together, SUBSCRIBED.

hacker69 says:

please make tutorial about: how to twerk

Timothy Mbaya says:

I liked the freaking video kidd!!!! it was fun

Diamond says:

How to delete pictures and videos all at once, in pinnacle 16?

Diamond says:

As soon as I add Effects, there is automatically voice delay in the video.
How to fix it?

Les Murrell says:

Learning a lot from your videos.  Just started using Pinnacle.

Pharmal says:

Does this work in Pinnacle 18 ultimate?

Rando Calrissian says:

This is awesome man!!! One question though…when I tried this on my computer, I key frame everything and make it line up but when I press play, the key frames lag behind and are not where they should be but when I try to edit it, it shows that they match up. I just got Pinnacle Studio 18 ultimate and it is disappointing that it is not working. Any idea why it does that?


i’m having problems sinking audio since I started using this program with Vmix. I’ve used MagiX, it appears my audio is at least 3-5 sec off. any suggestions

mmsimply says:

I would love your help in getting ideas for my football teams game footage

Peter Macay says:

A great how to!  Thanks!

Diamond says:

I can’t export videos because it says there is voice delay. Why is that and how to fix it?

Ricky Ricon says:

how do you make the lightsabre move at the same time your hands move and keep it always on the position of the base ?

PicklesInk Stuff says:

0:38 how do you do the lightspeed

LegoLVPictures says:

Hi. Awesome tutorial! But I would like to ask one question: how to make the lighting effect when the lightsabers cross? Like its showed here ? Thanks

verticlehold says:

Your video tutorials are very helpful… subscribed.
Is there a current tool or pinnacle add-on to cartoonize videos?

CRG Oli Banana says:

You spell light sabre wrong it’s light saber

skipperted says:

this editor looks so powerful.. ill be adding more effect to my currently “dull” youtube vids and make them more interesting !.. thanks…
Btw … where do I find the lightning effect at the end

Sons Of Liberty Riders MC says:

Question? Using pinnacle 17 how would I keep a red light at a signal crossing red. In other words i don’t want it to change is there a way to edit that??

Fitzgerald Multimedia says:

Great stuff! LONG time Pinnacle user…18 Ultimate now.

stuffedtoyskits says:

Thank you for the tutorial. My lightsaber video won’t export properly though, all the keyframes are off. Do you know if there is a certain format to save as?

Pikemandan richards says:

Hi great tutorial vids, can this be done on basic studio or do you need pro?

Virtual Admonisher says:

Where did you get the force-lightening from?

Jean S says:

Yo, yo. Up town, and straight! Very entertaining.

Luis Lema says:

buen tutorial gracias

Jessie Vargas says:

Thank you so much for the info I’ll try what you said. Thank you again!

mrlionel1965 says:

Can is be done in studio 14 too? I am still using pinnacle studio 14

Maniak Design says:

I really apreciate your tutorial , pinnacle is great because you make it easier and fun to learn . Thanks again.:)

Shervah Marcus says:


Oldman 1 says:

Thanks for the tip

Tassos D.Everything says:

ooohhh!!!! this very awsome!!!! my frined im learning a lot from your videos

Moto Sly says:

your vids are really the best….  very clear and usefull!! thnx

Michael Schofield - Filmmaker says:

I hereby grant you a seat on the Jedi council.

APMauldin says:

This week I updated from Pinnacle Studio 11 to 17.5 and discovered your great tutorials. thanks for your efforts and sharing them with us newbies.

Lulu Mendez says:

is there a way to make the lightsaber flicker like in the movies??

Funkstar124 says:


C'est Maman Qui L'a Fait says:

Great I got my cake airbrush to shoot a lazer ray ! Thank you for the tutorial ! Merci encore une fois !

Anthony M says:

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Ben Cohn says:

Great Info.  Now how do you do that Sith Lighting effect

Clement Andoh says:

wow i love it… how i wish to have a one on one tutorial with u. this is pretty cool

MC/Productions MischievousCornelius says:

Good tutorial as always but I was just wondering, whats the big difference between cropping something and garbage matting it?

bougnat says:

Tres bien, merci

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