Pinnacle Studio 16 & 17 – Trail Effect Tutorial

This tutorial on the trail effect for Pinnacle Studio 16 and Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate will allow you to make a cool effect where the talent leaves a trail of images across the screen or seems to freeze in time and then fades off of the screen.

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Tice190 says:

is that CS6 the latest version of adobe

Anthony M says:

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Life and Legacy Media says:

I have Avid Studio. I don’t have a snapshot button on mine and I also do have a snapshot option when I go to setup. I can’t remember what video it was but I recall you having this when you showed your Avid Studio videos before the new Pinnacle arrived.  The only snapshot option I see available is catching it from a device through import.  Any helpful ideas?

kidblood1 says:

Great shit…Does avid studio do motion tracking?? Oh if you get a sec go check out my channel

zeke wheel says:

is there a way to make a tunnel effect like you’re moving thru it?? Thanks-loved your videos

Harold Tongio says:

will this work on pinnacle 15 ?

Van Tucker says:

Thanks for the trail effect lesson, pretty cool..Been using Pinnacle since version 8. Always learning more stuff.

joe king says:


jack1gid says:


miguelangelcativo4 says:

I’m trying to replicate using inkscape but I get a white background with the image cut out how can I eliminate that.

Kathy Roberts says:

You are teaching me much more than I have ever known about Pinnacle studio, thank you for your effort!

Rick Baez says:

I’ve been using Windows Movie Maker for a while and believe that I’m about ready for an upgrade. Great tutorials!!

micha baz soucy says:

Gorgeous!! I sub’s

The Original GoodNewsTvShow says:

Awesome demo bro.! I just upgraded to 16 and was lost till i found you. Great job. Keep em coming.

Tristan Robitaille says:

What is the difference while doing it with a moving background ? How can we achieve it (with a moving background)?


Keigo Shin Dojo AIKIDO says:

thanks good and easy to follow….!!!

Ricky Panjabi says:

good creation.

Jonas Andrade says:

Very good

masteringrid says:

OMG. You’re really funny and really thanks for your help dude! 🙂 🙂

PinnacleStudioPro says:


Miguel Pinto says:

Hola amigos tengo el Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate pero no sé cómo funciona ya que es completamente diferente que el 15 que es el que yo uso, me podrían informar sobre esto , oslo agradecería que fuese en español sería más fácil gracias.

Diggity Digga says:

Appreciating the tutorials man.  Don’t have pshop, can you tell me how to do the inkscape version of the snapshots?  I get to the cropping and saving image to png, but it’s not showing up when importing to Pinnacle 17.

AuthorsBroadCast says:

Nice. Thanks. Corel might have appreciated it if you mentioned Paint Shop Pro. 😉 My fantasy is that they will incorporate PSP with Pinnacle in order to easily drop out backgrounds, resize images etc. Here’s hopin’

kidblood1 says:

Thumbs Up

topheave says:

Do you have any tutorials for those of us that are just beginning to use pinnacle 16 I consider myself to be a novice with this software but I have watches a few of your tutorials and I like them very much. However, your techniques are far to advance for me and I want to get up to speed…so my question is do you have classes for beginners or videos /CD’s or something to that effect, and if so how can I get started?

dee gates says:

your tuts are tha truuf bruh. do you think you can show me how to do the effect where the video is black & white but the shirt (or some object) is in color? i am currently using pinnicle 12 ultimate, but i will be upgrading soon. thanks! 



Mer Sal says:

Hey! Can you do this in Cyberlink Powerdirector 11?

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