Pinnacle Studio 16 & 17 Ultimate – Flying Tutorial

The flying effect tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 16 and Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate will show you how to make your talent fly through the clouds like a superhero. Whether you want to be like superman, iron man, or any other hero this tutorial will show you the way. This video editing tutorial is great for any video, short film, home movies, films, music videos, and the like. All you need is a green screen and some imagination.

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Rich O'Loughlin says:

I learn more from your videos than any others out there. Heck I even take notes.

Gordon Pilcher says:

I’m having trouble getting my head around Anaglyph 3D the manual seems a bit short on explanation and there doesn’t seem to be any tutorials

keramosta2011 says:

thanks my friend

Clement Andoh says:

i love you ma guy

Mauro Guerreiro says:

You’re crazy, but cool .. lol .. I liked this too.

andywolan says:

Hi all. I am looking to migrate over from Power Director 11 to Pinnacle Studio 16. (Main reason: I am sick and tried of PD11’s instability and frequent crashing.) Does anyone know of a site or video with tips for someone like me looking to cross over to the Pinnacle? (I’m looking to reduce the learning curve as much as possible.)

Other than that, PinnacleStudioPoo, keep-up the good work. These videos are helpful and fun to watch.

rymedemon says:

youz cool man. give me cool music video tips

adnan hashi says:

hey yo actually u r funny the way you’re flying i like it so how did u do?

hassan mohamed vlogs says:


C. DeCalongne says:

You are my hero!

PinnacleStudioPro says:

Use 2D editor advanced to size down the logo, move it to where you want, and add transparency. Can you elaborate on the album question?

nahar manas says:–XdeBesmSU See the video link between 00.25 to.0035 sec and and how to apply that video effct. pls help me …as soon as possible



Nazım guitar says:

Süper. Danke

Samchurchy says:

GREAT TUTORIAL DUUUUUDEwell can you see my first time editing with dis on my walking dead rp trailer :)?

Val Kay says:

DO NOT BUY ANY PINNACLE/COREL PRODUCTS! I bought Studio 16 Ultimate and 2 weeks later they released Studio 17 Ultimate. Now, they want another $60 for the upgrade yet new buyers pay the same price I originally paid! HOW INSULTING!!! And, after spending a whole day of phoning and emailing, no one knows a direct phone number to Pinnacle/Corel not even the 3rd party company that sells their products It’s all about take the money and run! My new mission is to drive this company out of business!

C. Guzman says:

Can anyone help me. I keep getting that NG is not working. also, that my memory is low? please help

Zoe S says:

Hey great vid 🙂 Does this work on the latest Pinnacle 19 as well? Thanks, Zoe

MC/Productions MischievousCornelius says:

How are you doing, I was just wondering when your bouncing something down into full HD does it always have to take so long. It took me between 10 and 11 hours the other day to bounce down a music video that was 3 and half minutes. Is that just the way it is if your using better quality or is there a way around it.

Edouard Piquet says:

where can i get clowds bro??

adnan hashi says:

what kind of software did u used??

thiyagarajan guru says:

simply suprb!!

Jonithen Jackson says:

love its pro

tena tntn says:

hii,please can i get the video (2 video) to try the lesson

PinnacleStudioPro says:

Thanks for the kudos. Pinnacle Studio Life is a good channel to learn the basics. Make sure your computer exceeds the minimum system requirements for Pinnacle 16 before switching. I usually find that if your computer crashes with one video editing application it will crash with others if your system is above the minimum system requirements. You can get the system requirements from the Pinnacle website.

PinnacleStudioPro says:


jemirun says:

Ce tuto n’est pas en Français et pourtant on comprend la démarche! Avec quelques essais je pense qu’on pourrait tous y arriver…Comme quoi…Pas besoin de débiter des blablas pour ne rien dire.

ventureist says:

Hello Pinnacle Studio Pro. I need you help, how do I place an individual video in an Album page1,page2 and page3?

my second question is how I create logo and place on top of my video on screen while
I’m doing intro?

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