Pinnacle Studio 16 Beginner Tutorial This is a beginner tutorial for Pinnacle Studio 16. This is a very basic video to show you how to make and upload a simple video. It will cover adding music as well as trimming clips and making transition. I also make a mention of a free image editor call




I am unable to install Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus. Been at it for 2 days now.  How in the world do I get it loaded?  Have installed and reinstalled several times with the patch using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Waiting for Corel to give instructions.  They have a 14 day warranty to provide installation, but time is running out and there it no one to call or chat with.  Any ideas?  Best Buy will install it, but if they can’t do it then what?

fred veleba says:

Why can’t Pinnacle come up with a simple beginners tutorial like this? I love it! The few minutes viewing this did me more good than an hour of Pinnacle’s tutorials trying to impress us all with how much the program does. Going from using iMovie to Pinnacle is like learning to speak Japanese and German at the same time.

BigRock Outdoors says:

How do you delete all from timeline

Vegan Nasim says:

When youtube asks for “commercial use right” when we add music or art clip from pinnacle software to our videos and want to monetize it, what should we submit as a proof? They rejected the licensing terms I submitted!

Lesther Ruiz LIVE says:

no way final cut and premiere are the top this one looks like the windows built in movie maker , shit.

parmida Hendijani says:

thank you so much!! it really helped

Gamemaker Proness says:

at 2:00 you said thats the bathroom. Are you sure its not the kitchen

Vivian Anthony says:

I do not get library and if I press import nothing comes


Hello,can you do slow motion in your movie?Thank you!

Ridwaan Mohamed Ali says:

yep i try to make but i made more errors so how can you help me , i need more tutorial to adapt this learning
contact me

Jolinders108 says:

How to export an video in 4k ? Because i can record in 4k and i can also edit it but i dont know how to export it in 4k resolution..

dieselworld says:

Very good vid! Looks a little better than iMovie.

Tags With JSS says:

Is it free?

Super Nintendan says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I been using Pinnacle Studio since version 11.

Raj D Singh says:

how to add text inside a video , while original video is on play , just adding text like putting tags on diff diff things , as we do annotation thing on youtube , plz help

John Smith says:

Your Tutorial is awful, awful!!

new learn? says:

it take. long time to save video like pr pro

Sophia Scale says:

question: I am using pinnacle studio 16 ultimate. how can I move my video clips,audio & titles at the same time on the time line? for example I have a project on the time line I want to make a cut in the middle hi-light every thing to the right of the cut and shift it to the right to put something else in that place.

M Nayrood says:

I bought P16 from Dubai  does not support Arabic language , the letters come shuttered and not joined , don’t buy it if u R using  Arabic language for a video project 

Jane Maximovich says:

Ultima 16 Having disconnect between video and audio on editing videos. Audio trails several seconds behind video as seen by the person’s mouth on video. Any help out there???

ZeDarknight says:


Diamond says:

How to delete pictures and videos all at once, in pinnacle 16?

Mean Khim says:

Thank very much for your excellent tutorial NuuVidea. Now I can understand a little bit better with Pinnacle Video Studio 16. NuuVidea. all the best.

Coral Laroc says:

So I can hear you clicking something when using the razor blade and when putting in a transition (?) but what are you clicking? Enter? Delete? It may be obvious to some but not to me and this is supposed to be a beginners tutorial. I would appreciate knowing what you are clicking please.

NuuVidea says:

I know I made this tutorial but I mainly use iMovie and Final Cut. Overall this program is not user friendly compared to apple movie editors.

XeX Productions says:

Is there any way I can use a capture card on this?

Nature King says:

yep sure

burning girl says:

that was brilliant! Thank you so much!

FD Jackson says:

Is this as good as final cut or premiere?

Edward Solay says:

My videos I captured have a lock on then, an orange lock, how do I remove that becuase I can’t see my vidoes

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