Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate – Basic Editing Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate basic editing tutorial shows you how to edit videos with Pinnacle Studio. This full overview and review of the software will get beginners up and running in no time. We break down the features you need to know to create great videos and show you how to use them. In this video we do an overview of timeline tracks, trimming, splitting, video importing, transitions, and more. Just follow along and you will be more familiar with Pinnacle Studio 17 than you are with your significant other. The demonstration and tutorial will show you what you need to know to get familiar with the program.

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Missi's Channel says:

It keeps crashing when I go to upload files from my computer to do the video . It keeps saying unresponsive and then closes /crashes.

Jim Beam says:

I like this guy. He’s really really thorough and far too many of these online videos are not. Good job.

amos joshua says:

So im new here and i just shoot a talking video and i dont know how to jump the seconds to another second because i read script and i wanna remove “that seconds” and jump to other seconds so it become neat but i dont know how can someone help me please thanks

Jose Abraham Ramirez Diaz says:


Stela B. says:

How do you add your own music to pinnacle studio 17?

Stuart Hodes says:

Really bad. Chattery, rambling, chaotic, time-wasting.

Robert Oliver says:

I enjoy your tutorials, i would like to know how to lock the audio separately from the video in Pinaccle 17 as it is done in Pinaccle 15

PearTreePictures says:

why is everything Ultimate why not just the normal pinnacle 17 , getting reraly pissed with these video evrything is at the higher level we all cant afford Ultimate so do one with just the normal 17 , have unsubscribe from your videos after 5 years watching .


Good stuff. Look forward to getting the TV show rolling

Preston Lydotes says:

how do you create special effects?

Coral Laroc says:

Can you tell me which is the best project setting for making youtube videos please?

Bunty Murtagh says:

this is great! hsve 17 for some time but couldn’t get started and was going back to 14. love this tutorial

Taetso Madiba says:

every time when i am done editing the DVD disc shows scratch, what might be the problem?

FoggyKidz Raw says:

Thx, this video really helpful! but…… i got one problem, when i insert the text to a video, the text won’t show, why?(Sorry for my Grammar)

Michael McCallister says:

How do you separate the video from the audio on a clip

jazzydee41 says:

thank you!!!

ayyub khan says:

how to make running text pinnacle 19

Alongthegonzotrail says:

Great help !!!!!

Nicholas Bakunin says:

Hey, Nice vid! If I want to put together a YT vid in PinnacleStudioPro I want to narrate it and have the narration playing in the background, Can I record the mp3 right on the software, or do I have to record it separately. If I do just have to record my narration separately, what would you recommend I record in on before the transfer? Or in other words, if not Pinnacle Studio, what software would work the best for cheap documentaries? I read a lot and would like to make mini-documentaries on YT. Thanks.

Stephen Power says:

Do you REALLY have to be so annoying? It’s not big and it’s not clever. But it is stopping me from watching any more of your videos.

Monkey Filmz says:

My videos keep moveing when i cut why is that

eldho thundiyil says:

Hello Sir, I express my glad to use from Pinnacle 17 from Pinnacle 15, I would like ask a doubt that, after dragging videos from Library window to Timeline, the videos doesn’t detect or shows in Preview Window,but detect
only audio of that video, please advise the solution …. waiting for your valid replay. Thank you,

PlaySmartProject says:

Hi ! Just want to thank you because thanks to your great tutorials I succeeded to create this video with Pinnacle 17 :
I learned many things thanks to you 🙂

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics says:

Professional job. Perfect makeup tools

Robert Vos says:

Question: I just started to use 18.5. In 17 when I imported files it created a new collection and showed it immediately so that I did not have to hunt for it. In 18.5 it doesn’t do that and I am having one heck of a time finding my imported video and pics. Is there a way to set up 18.5 so that the imported files show after import? I can’t even find the files in Organizer…ugh. Thanks.

volim te says:

Hello right can we watch this link from pinnacle studio 17 ultimate ?

Rian McDonald says:

I’m having some troubles with placing any of the videos I import. When I preview the clips, the videos play normally, full quality and full screen, but when I place the videos in my timeline, they have black bars on the bottom and top of the video as well as a very condensed and pixelated quality to them. Please help me if you can!

Lester Collie says:

and now it wont play

parth shah says:

I can’t see the video in the preview window… I can only hear the audio… please help.

Alice Li says:

Can we add gifs to pinnacle?

P Mehta says:

Thank you very much! Very helpful indeed!

Kevin Bolanos says:

nigga looks like Mike Tysons long lost son

Holly Shippy says:

I’m trying to pan right on three photos (each has one person that are occupying the same stage) on my timeline. I have a dissolve going into each in the series. What I want is for it to appear like it is like it is moving seamlessly from person to person. But it appears to stop before it moves to the next photo (person). Any suggestions for solving this? Do I need a different transition?


amazing video
loved your video!
I really enjoyed your excellent video

Akurai Ikezawa says:

So every time I try to import footage to edit it is always “locked” and I cant watch it or do anything to it really. I click the button that says “Click to unlock this content” but it never does. Any idea as to how I can have my footage available and not have it locked?

Kofi Oteng says:

i have bought pinnacle  17 and installed but i cant see the preview ,any help please ?

Holly Shippy says:

Can anyone explain what it means when there is a pink line or bar above a photo on my timeline? The play doesn’t seem to be affected by this bar, but it doesn’t disappear like the progress bar does when it finishes processing.

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