Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Review and Tutorial

The Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate review will show you all the new features and ins and outs of this video editing program from effects, importing media, exporting media, managing files in the library, to burning and authoring discs. The review also includes an overview, and tutorial. This software is the next offering from Corel for the Pinnacle line of products. It is the follow up to Pinnacle Studio 16. It has a few new features and benefits that will make your videos look fantastic. The new features such as iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner, Live Screen Recording, Smart Render, organize media updates, and updates to 4K format in December are just a few of the new additions to this software that we will show you how to get to.

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Sam Scherf says:

Thanks for taking time to make this review! My eye caught version 17’s ability to export using H264. I don’t think my version (Studio Ultimate 16) has that ability. In watching someone else’s tutorial, he changes all of his videos (before placing them on his personal website) by exporting in H264 AND replaces the index formerly at the end of a video to the front of his finished videos. Changing the index allows people that click on his videos to start streaming immediately (rather than waiting until all is downloaded.) I’m hoping that my future finished mp4 videos will play on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. They now DO PLAY (also off the HD) on Quick Time Player, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, DivX Player and Applian Media player. Any suggestions? tnx in advance

jack murphy says:

I tryed to load sony vaga to my win8 but it don’t load it what could be wrong I don’t know


I have footage in black and white with some items I’d like to remain in their original color. Is this possible with Studio 17?

Blu-ray Benn says:

Great review buddy!
Just a quick question, do you know when they are going to bring out pinnacle studio 18 (or a newer version of 17)?


Can u add a facecam using this software?

Dara darasiemreap says:

Ok I found . I change Aspect to 4.3 it work .

magicguitarpedal says:

Pinnacle 15 was easy and cool, now they change it completely and it is very confuse. This damn black background makes it bad.

EurasianeyesBand says:

Is Pinnacle Studio 17.5 Ultimate any good for making music video’s. We want to film scenes, add some effects and a music backing track. Cheers.

Crimson says:

Does PS 17.5 has alpha channel?

Hadyn Clark says:

What are your thoughts on PS 18?

westinghouse1415 says:

Have 17 Ultimate with latest patch, running Win7. Tried to capture feed from DVD player through my capture devise. System locked up and had to hard boot computer. What video I was able to capture had audio messed up and picture did not start when I clicked start capture button until several seconds later. Capture devise works well on old Pinnacle program run on XP. Any advise on how to make capture work with Windows 7 and 17 Ultimate?

Montaro Productions says:

What’s up my man ? 

I just was wondering if Pinnacle studio 17 exports in 16.9 widescreen ?

Thank you 

38tripleK says:

Thanks, I need this for my ab vids…

Q Speed Racer says:

No matter what i choose for render settings and export settings.. it is never clear like original gopro video eventhough the bitrate is the same

ufoabove says:

I have both ultimate 14 and 17. In 17, when I import an avi video from a flash drive or external hard drive, the audio runs at about half speed. Just for kicks, I tried importing the same video into v 14 and had no problem. Video and audio were fine. Any thoughts on what I need to possibly change as far as maybe a setting somewhere? I don’t want to go backwards and have to use v 14. Thanks for your help and great instructional videos!

Dara darasiemreap says:

Sorry today I question my StudioV17 Ult.Got video from Iphone6Plus ,video taking straight up ,when go in studio I make rotation ok,but the head of the person is cut off .Please, Do you have any idea to get in a whole screen without cut ?

Rob Vonk says:

I got it but ( legal ! ) I’m very very very disappointed. Dragging, stuff ( transitions ) constantly popping up a screen I didn’t ask for. Dragging clips into the timeline, again popping up as if I double clicked but I didn’t. It’s a pain. Already 5 updates because of program mistakes. And after this update my whole computer crashed out of the blue.Don’t know what it is. Maybe Logitech mice don’t work with Pinnacle.
It’s a disaster ! I recommend everyone to download the trial version and test it for yourself.

mncarguy says:

Love your tutorials man! How do you add in the red arrows? I use the Ultimate version too.

Hashem Abedzadeh says:

MHello. Is there a video on close captioning in studio 17 Ultimate?

Louis fazio says:

Can we start with something that shows how to start the movie file ?

Antti Palosaari says:

Could somebody help me? I am unable to export videos in decent quality, even though the files are pure HD. Whenever I export a video, it’s extremely blurry and lagging. Changing the export settings hasn’t helped a bit. Would be nice to have this problem fix, I paid a hundred euros for the software after all…

damago1 says:

whoever wants to know real value of this software please check real user comments at

and real user stories at Amazon reviews. Most users who paid their money to buy Studio are giving it 1 star rating.

This software has fantastic specs and tons of more or less usefull features but has a few very serious misdesigns (introduced in recent versions) and crashes so often that it is making work with it nearly impossible. And this is combined with completely unresponsive support from Corel – disaster. Beware: when looking at reviews (often sponsored by company) please check what real users are going through.

Nazari Kamaruddin says:

hi guys…anybody experienced…when I import everything doubled…all the frames came out x 2

Crimson says:

Except Media Composer, Premier Pro and After Effects which other video editors can support double alpha wipes?

Rysio Cz says:

Thank you for taking your time and effort devoted in this review. Like all your tutorials done clearly and understandably. With appreciation,

kaimo rumask says:




lala young says:

Welcome ….

Sandie Pass says:

This is driving me crazy. I’m using Pinnacle 17. When i insert a picture, it lays over or slices the previous picture into two, but overlays it so i can’t see it on my timeline until i play it. How can i see the different layers of images? Driving me crazy

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