Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate – Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]

[VOICE + TEXT] Enter a new Way of Learning Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate by Corel. Corel Pinnacle Studio 17, tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
Full Guide here:
Enable SUBTITLES if you have troubles at understanding the accent. Leave feedback if you can!

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Sachin Kangotra says:

can i get pinnacle 16 for free ……..any link plz send me as soon as possible

Kamlesh Kumar says:

how different this in using from video studio 7

The Light of Allah says:

really thanks for your informations

Valdo Valdomero says:

Poor accent..! not even a standard English…!

Daniel P. Courvoisier says:

I love to hear this accent from the lady commenting on this tutorial.

Ty. A says:

Hi, I just brought Pinnacle Studio 17 and the Customize Toolbar button isn’t visible, so I haven’t been able to edit my Timeline Toolbar so I can get access to the other editing tools. Any help, please?

eldho thundiyil says:

Hello, I had edited many videos by using Pinnacle 15, I am happy to start my projects with Pinnacle 17. But in 17, I dragged videos in A/V track, but it doesn’t shows in Timeline. Please help. Thank you. 

Dwain Artistrain says:

Awesome presentation in that it has been kept simple, informative, considerate and professional

erdolfin says:

This looks well done, but I have difficulty with her accent.   Could this be done in American English??

Valdo Valdomero says:

Are you speaking in English?

Jakub Kouba Kantor says:

Mluvíš jak pičus 

Carl Bishop says:

rubbish try getting someone who speaks english

Val Bucklin says:

Hello, I have Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate, and all of the patches. When I drag a clip onto the timeline, the rendering bar does not show. Is there a fix to this? Thank you.

OldSchoolNYCGamer says:

I have a strange urge to play penuchle now…

Stela B. says:

How do you add your own music to pinnacle studio 17?

Connor Reinhold says:
Scott Gitlin says:

Very nice presentation . . . and accent!

kjoe65 says:

What does it mean when a clip is shown as a lock and can’t be viewed?

Lukas Soukup says:

Please help me. I have this kind of Pinnacle. BUT, when I want to edit videos or photos, my timeline is still grey. Only sound works on timeline and I can´t see pictures. What´s wrong? I´m doing the same like in the video but it still doesn´t work. Thanks for your work, bai. 

Rik Dieguez says:

Hello bai, I have now Pinnacle studio 17 Ultimate, I import my .avi files, only plays sound track not video, what can i do ?

Doctor Moosee says:

How could I make my own “copyright logo” to put in the corner of my screen so as to ward off copiers ? I’ve seen this on many videos and wonder how they do it.

Domenico Ciampi says:

pleeeeeese…there is a tutorial in italian? I don’t understand nothing!

michela valente says:

Ciao sto cercando di prendere confidenza con pinnacle 17 ma faccio un po’ fatica a ritrovare i vari temi di montaggio presenti nel 15. ora me ne compaiono solo 2 (stella e Album).
possibile non ci siano più?

doanster says:

Hi there, thanks for the great tutorial! I need some help: for some reason, when I export my project to DVD, the contents don’t match the project, as if some things were lost in the exporting process. For example, if I split a clip and get rid of sections I don’t want, it would magically show up again in the final DVD. Or, certain transitions are rendered as a dark screen with a “circly arrow.” Is this a known glitch? Very frustrating, especially after spending hours on a project and all those edits don’t render properly in the export 🙁

iamjedi06 says:

…um uh yeah 0_o

Mr. Strannik says:

how add plagin merkalli?

Tarie Williams says:

hi love the tutorials, they have helped me so much.  I have a problem I have not been able to fix.  I have made a great movie, except for one problem.   None of the true colors show up in the preview screen of the movie.  In the timeline the pics look correct.  I go and correct color, looks like it takes until it is back in the timeline.  The picture aren’t quite black and white.  I think I thought I was adding an effect to one picture and some how it affected the whole movie.  This movie in the final is 35 minutes long, I would hate to not be able to use it, any advice?

Christopher Baker says:

Hi, I have been trying to workout how to take a section of video out of a .mkv file and save it as an .mpg.
Cannot work out how to select a section of the video in the middle of a file?, any help appreciated !

Vegan Nasim says:

Youtube asking for “commercial use right” when we use music or art clip from pinnacle software and want to monetize our video, what should we submit as a proof? They rejected software licensing terms I submitted!

DanceLessonsOrlando says:

This program sucks. I wasted my money. If you can get your money back, run to the store.

Jitu Sir says:

m unable to get my transition effects (2D/3D/hollywood fx, etc.)in pinnacle 17
how to add them again, plz help asap.. 🙁

Mike Bolotenko says:

Hello Bai, Is there any way of splicing just one clip/track at a time? I find that if I have a voiceover clip and a music clip in parallel and I wish to cut just a segment from just the voiceover clip, the splitter automatically cuts the music clip also which creates problems when I move segments later. Many thanks in advance.

berserkchip says:

Is there any way to zoom in on my timeline or my clips to make them wider on the timeline so that I can more accurately place audio clips over the video I need them to be on?

Luis Miguel Silva says:

Hi. I have q question and i need your help.
How do you do a slowmotion i a midlle of a clip?
I worked with pinnacle studio 15, but in this version is totali different.
Please make a tutorial about this.
Imagine you have a clip of 1 min. and you want to do a 4 seg. of slowmotion in this clip?

Islyndar says:

Although youre accent is really thick, you really bother to talk slow and clear. Weirdly, youre even easier to understand then some native speakers who just mummble and mutter into the mic. GJ on that.

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