Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate – DVD Menu / Disc Authoring Tutorial

Learn how to make a disc menu or disc authoring with Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate. This video will help you create a professional menu for your videos and home movies. The menus and sub-menus are professional and it is easy to create them.

Looping DVD Tutorial –

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Michael. says:

how you make it run faster it’s not letting me edit

Jimmy Lager says:

I’m using 21 Ultimate, and I’m having problems using the editor for the menu on my projekt. When ever I choose to Edit the menu, PS crash and I can’t edit the menu at all. I’ve the latest update and even if I restart my computer and do nothing more than start PS, it gives me the same message, PS crash and all I can do is to restart the program. But as I can not edit the menu att all, I can’t finnish my project as I don’t want it to read “Your Text Here”. Any suggestions on what I can do other than to connect to the support? Thanks!

Keith Uden says:

I have Studio 19 Ultimate running on a WIndows 10 system. I have created a menu with 8 buttons arranged in two columns of four, and have linked them to the appropriate parts of the video. When running the simulator, I can step down the first column with the emulator, but stepping down the second column gives 5, 7, 8, and stepping up gives 8, 6, 5. What causes this error? How do I overcome it?

Kalina Angell says:

How would I make this work for a project where people are purchasing video downloads instead of DVDs? I want them to be able to download videos, but with menu and chapter options. Will this work…it doesn’t appear that it would. Thanks so much! My fiance and I love your videos! Without you, we’d be pulling our hair out trying to figure things out. lol!!!

Carol Szymanski says:

18 is worst program ever! I been using pinnacle since it came out! I will be dumping this one,, in the garbage. I have made more then a hundred video’s with the earlier versions,,, I can’t even burn one video with this program,,, scrap and burn… Soo ticked after working to bring sound effects pics, videos, and special effects into play litterly spend months just putting the arrangement together,,, couldn’t burn a single dvd. Super BAD!

A.W. F. says:

Could you do a video on how to create a countdown timer with video and audio background without creating a slide for ever second? I am using version 18 Ultimate.

Esteban Gaytan says:

Why do we only get 12 seconds of audio for the main menu? Can we get more time?

Mauro Guerreiro says:

Why in the DVD Menu Chapter Wizard, sometimes the “Timeline Markers” option does not light to set?

Visual Designz & Multimedia says:

ho do u take footage directly from your dvd to edit in pinnacle 19?

btancredi1 says:

I just downloaded Pinnacle 19. I imported an MP4 movie I believe it is, that I created in iMovie. I was able to create a BluRay but it won’t play. I did not create this “Menu”. But when I went back to see if that was the problem, I hit “Author”, but that box never popped up asking me anything to which I was supposed to say YES, si, etc. No popup. Dang I need to get this Blu Ray done tonight! Do I have to have a “menu” for the Blu Ray to play??? I never had to do that before!

jeffphilips says:

Have you purchased the blu-ray add on? If so, any problems burning blu-ray dvds?

RogueMarie says:

Thank you. This was incredibly helpful.
Is there a way to have the dvd just go to the menu without having a clip first?

Surgio McCree says:

I swear this guy is Laurence Fishburne’s brother.. Great tutorials btw..

Martien Giebels says:

Hi Maliek! Thank you very much for your clear lesson. You do it very well!!! All you tell is easy to follow. Even for people from The Netherlands, haha… I’m a happy man, because of you! In The Netherlands we say: ‘Toppie man’. (= You did a good job).

Benjamin Luna says:

Hey there, what kind of disk should I use to burn? using Pinnacle Studios 20 Ultimate? My movie is stretching out to 2 hours. And I do have a lot of extra footage such as GoPros with the picture in picture in picture mode but I don’t think that should be a bother. Please let me know if you can ASAP, Thank you! Love your videos, they’re currently helping me with a giant project that could help raise money for my high school band.

M TV says:

hey Man, I hv a problem with my project after u burned it, the video live won’t play the music recorded with it or in other way the video live doesn’t hv any voice . only the live video music. I changed to i7 computer but I can’t fix it. I contacted pinnacle customer support they told to follow steps but still same problem. even I am reset the software.


Luis Miguel Silva says:

Please i need help.
I have 2 pc’s machines and the problem persist:
The pinnacle studio 10, 11, 12, 14, and 17 won´t do a export a movie correctly with menus and chapters, IF i export my project to a DVD format with dual layer !!!!!
If i export to a dvd format to a 4.7 dvd, the menus and chapters are ok, BUT if my project has 2 hours of video and if i export these 2 hour of video with a menu and chapters for a 8.5 DVD DL the chapetrs don´t work correctly or the image is not synchronized with the audio. What can i do?
Does anyone have the same problem?
Please help.

Michael Dhont says:

I follow the instructions of this movie but I can’t change the text in the submenu . Any one an idea what i’m doing wrong ?.
All comments are welcome, thanks and regards .

carlos urzua esparza says:

Why does not my display the option of burning to blu ray?

Derrick Pugh says:

/:how to had music

E Salazar says:

when burning my disc I got an export error due to error in the timeline.  I spent half my day creating this. I don’t want to start over. Is there a way to see where the error may be?  it plays fine in the preview.

Justin Raphalalani says:

Thank you! I was struggling. Now I’m happy. You get a like from me:)

Tremayne Bey says:

please insert a new medium for writing copy 1 of 1

kandmwood says:

Loved your video and it is similar to 20.5. Problem is, when we burn the disk, it is unreadable and unusable. It has files on them, but then does nothing in the DVD player or the computer. Do you know if there is something different in 20 that might be causing this? Thanks!

Steve Madore says:

Can some one tell why i am having black outs after I burn a dvd??? I made menu and plays fine in the sim but when I burn it I am having black outs in the video…. HELP PLEASE

Texas Yearbooks says:

This DVD authoring method is not very intuitive. Way too much work to do something simple.

surafel matiyas says:

Hi there. I am haveing difficulty to Make(Author) my DVD. I am keep seen this message ” the time line process has been expired and can’t export the project”. so what shall I do to fix or how do I make my DVD burner with pinnacle studio 19. please need help. thanks.

Michael Pye says:

I really enjoy your vids. My question is this. I want to place a number of different movies onto a dvd. In this case 5 in all. When I click the chapter wiz i get 18 chapters and I only want 5. It is difficult to pull the chapter icons 1-5 into where each movie starts with its own title. Is there anyway to tell it that i only want 5 chapters? Thanks in advance, (I have ver 19.5)

sylvain ballerat says:

sorry i don’t speak english very well but thank you for your helps i’ts very clear i will shaw your others videos, you are so funny

Пинакль вед says:

fucking rapper!

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