Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate – HD Video Export Tutorial

Learn how to create HD Video in Pinnacle Studio. The video shows you how to export 1920 X 1080p video and 1280 X 720p video in several high definition file formats. This tutorial shows you several ways to render HD video using this video editing software.

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Koncraad says:

Does Pinnacle studio 18 export 4k?

Pacific Sky Power says:

great videos! I’m trying to figure out the best export settings for Facebook. I have a Hero 5 Session with 4k footage. Can someone direct me to a video tutorial for this? thanks

Pacific Sky Power says:

Hi, I’m looking for the Best Render Settings for Facebook using Pinnacle Studio 18. The video looks good on youtube but is blurry when I upload it to Facebook, thanks!

Mc da shiznit says:

I have pinnacle 18 & have no imaging button????

sonu agashe says:

sir my pinnacel not working properly plz help me call no. 8408917418

Dennis Mitchell says:

I am considering pinnacle studio ultimate but not sure which version although I know there is 21 now, i know a lot of people don’t like it. I am looking at getting 18 or 19. Which do you see as being the best? I bought version 14 quite awhile ago and can’t get it ro work right on my computers using windows 10, I have a Fujitsu t901 with 17 processor and Tangent all in one with i7, not sure what the deal is but I need something newer anyway. Which do you think would be the better version? Thanks

Raul Marquez says:

Que pasa? Thanks for the tips!! God Bless you!!

Duane Hayes says:

All your effort makes things effortless for me. Thank you.

Jim Warda says:

Help, continually get export errors on 35 minute movie, which plays fine in Pinnacle 19 preview. Tried different formats and get the same results, however, the errors are at different timeline points each time. This leads me to believe it is not the clips, but something else.
Have deleted rendered files, closed gaps, added blank titles between scenes where needed, rebooted PC, upgraded to Pinnacle 20 and continually get same results. There were a couple of times exported small portions successfully which means no errors in timeline. Using a Dell XPS 8700 desktop (32 GB RAM) and NIVIDIA GTX 745 Graphics Card. Any ideas on what to do, very frustrated.

Ammi Bhai says:

all ur videos r fine thanks,,sir mts videos in my pinnacle studio 14 are not working with Transitions black and ! this symbol is showing me how to solve it…


I have a question: I want to export with DivX Plus FullHD but it only have 2 channel audio (PS15version) Is there a codec or another pinnacle version Divxplus that could export a 1920X1080 video with 5.1 sound file? thanks.

LPS Jewel says:

Thank you. Thank you so much, you were a great help. Also, you have a new subscriber.

Marcell Anderson says:

Hey Maliek. First off thanks for all of the vids. You have helped me so much along my way. I watch every comercial on your channel *insert guy pointing to his forehead and smiling meme here*. I have a concern. Now that I have produced the greatest gaming vid I have ever made I am having problems with the export. I am using an elgato 60 at 1080p 60fps. I have followed this tutorial to the T! Yet the vid looks good in pinnacle but when I export it sometimes it’s choppy. Do you have any advice???

SelamtaLondon says:

Great tutorial, as ever!!

JoinourVidaLoca says:

do you ever export to youtube and then in the middle of the video it starts flashing. The image will start looking there is a strobe light going off. what am i doing? thanks im ripping my hair out.

OfficalSuperhost says:


jacqpinks says:

My transitions don’t show in the final video after I have exported 🙁 can you give me some tips please?

Einsteinnr2 says:


Life and Legacy Media says:

What do you recommend for scaling 720p footage in to your 1080p project?

Rich M Studios says:

When I set .mts, video 12Mbit/s, Full HD and dolby surround 5.1 sound 384kbps, the sound does not fit to the video… What do I have to do?

eL_ Yaqout says:

thank you ♡

Leo van den Broek says:

Hi Maliek,
When I make a snaphot in my clip, the file is approx. 137 kb. (very low for Photoshop)
Can I change the resolution for my snapshots ?

Marthie Bredenkamp says:

Under your Export settings you have File and Disc mine is missing

Krillidan says:

Thank you so much. The only problem i had with Pinnacle was that it made the quality worse after exporting but with your video the problem was fixed. Cant thank you enough man 🙂

HarborGamez says:

Thanks bro, you saved me and my youtube videos!

Akshath rang album says:

Thank – You. I was having this problem. But you solved it. Thank you

whooops61 says:

I’ve been watching several of your videos and have had no luck with rendering. Each time I do, it ends up not in sync at the end of the video – the beginning is fine. Important: There are several clips in this video. When I play it on the timeline, it is flawless. But when I watch the rendered file, there are 3 frames that are grey and have a broken circle with an arrow. It seems that is causing the video to become out of sync. Any ideas?

1fran69 says:

i ben lerning from you can you help me to make a dvd video better quality and i use a dvd 8.5 and i wans better quality video pece and love brother

jcost0099 says:

Thanks for your vids! However, Studio 20 is frustrating. I go thru all the details of authoring a DVD with title, scene selection, and more making it look great. Sad that it won’t play in anything. Finally had to resort to Pinnacle MyDVD to make it play in a DVD player and the title screen is crap (best of the worst options of title screens in myDVD). Maliek, you rock.. but the software is a kick to the nads at times.

Osnapitzjon says:

did exactly what you showed in this video but it always comes out very pixelated and low quality after exporting. do you know what’s going wrong?

Jill R says:

please I need help!!!! If I fill in the video I am missing half the shot. If I leave at fit then I have the black bars. PLEASE.. how do I leave at fit how do I get rid of the black cropping lines.. thank you

Supermrk says:

Thanks So Much!!! My video was exporting so slow and this video helped!!!!! Subscribed and liked the video!

Baurhoo Krish says: a beginner..i really dont do video montage or any editing…ive got my wedding video..and its quality is bad…its 720 by 576 quality..ive downloaded a software just to increase its resolution to 1080…but still its quality is not so good..can u suggest what can i do? thxxxxxx

DONchidy Tv says:

Great i love this

Itz Recon says:

What happens if you want 30fps 6:1

Akshath rang album says:

Can you tell your processor, Memory (Ram), Graphics card and all Please

Joseph Mullen says:

hi I have pinnacle studio 21 but cant find where to create dvd can you help me out pls thanks

Animal Studio Productions says:

thx for all the info

Ham_0uzDz says:

Thanks so so much <3

Hans Kolver says:

Why do u use 24p? I thought NTSC is 30/60fps.

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