Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate – Title Editor / Edit Text Tutorial

Learn how to use the title editor to create titles and edit text in Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate. This comprehensive tutorial from PinnacleStudioPro has a wealth of text editing tips and tricks. We show you how to use each tool in the title editor so you get the most out of the software. Whether you are looking to simply change a font size or color, or you are looking to create complex motion titles and overlays with unique backgrounds, this video is a great place to start.

Symbols and Icons Tutorial –

Add Pictures to Titles Tutorial –

Star Wars Title Tutorial –

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Salem77k says:

? Hi man , Is there a pen tool in Pinnacle 19 like sony vegas and after affects

Epic 1 says:

lol at the intro

Gregory Evans Callaway says:

This is an excellent tutorial.

Susan Swenson says:

How do you add call outs and the red arrows and lines in your video?  Great instruction.  Thanks

Jason Luthor says:

I subscribed just because I thought the intro to this video was awesome.
Also, because I use Pinnacle Studio 😀

Bruce Patanelli says:

I like the way you speak, too. And I couldn’t have created the into to the vids for my charity (The Robin Hood Resistance) (on Face book) (Shameless plug. Sorry). I wanted to emulate the Keith Olberman: The Resistance video into. Thanks to you, I did. Check it out sometime if you care to. 🙂

Performance Emulation says:

Whats wrong with the way you talk? Freaking yt comments geeze.

Phantom Drone Videos says:

Hey Maliek ,

First i wanna start saying youre tutorials are the best!

But i run into a problem with text in Studio Ultimate19 (full pack with all extra’s)
It wil NOT open the text editor and if it does it will not let me put in text or edit anything afterwords….
My Pc is more than up to date for this software ( ASUS Aspire V15 nitro Black Edition, upgraded internal mem etc).
If i contact pinnecale they just tell me to reinstall the software but it DOES NOT WORK, when i bought it everything worked just fine like it supposed to do.
Can you help please ?

many thanks , Willem from PhantomDroneVideos

Raphaël Klaverweide says:

Love it!

ElSpectre says:

I really enjoy your videos just have a quick question, is there a certain amount of layers I can have in the title?

Henry Sin says:

Very good tutorial indeed. It helps me a lot in learning Pinnacle.

Brian Knapp says:

I always enjoy your tutorials and have no problem with the way you speak. You aren’t the typical announcer type but it is refreshing. Keep them coming. I do have a problem with Corel not correcting the slow motion problem that I had since a update after PInnacle Studio 19 Ultimate just came out. Studio 19 in other words worked great until the update and the slow motion won’t work anymore. I would like to see a fix and update for this.

The Kat says:

Love the way you speak. Keep educating us. Thanks!

Kris Woo says:

I’m french, and I like the way you speak… It’s easier for me to understand !!! Thanks so much for your tutorials !!!

Ignus Draco says:

LOVE your videos

Evidentti TS says:

I do not have that “Motions” section, can you tell me why? There’s only “Looks”.
P.S. I’m from Finland and not that good at english, but I always understand every single thing you say 😀

Johny Albazi says:

how i can text different language on pinnacle studio 20

The Name's Nick says:

The motions tab doesn’t show up for me? Please help…

TripleThreatRC says:

Hey Maliek! I finally got an new Win 10 PC and had to upgrade from Studio 14 Ultimate to Studio 20 Ultimate. I miss 14 but it’s time to move on. One of the issues I’m having is that the titles come out looking blurry/fuzzy and they are not crisp and clear like they used to be with 14. I shoot in 1080 60p and export the same. The titles look cheap and unprofessional. Any ideas? Much appreciated my friend. And of course, the thumbs are up! Cheers, Bob

Hairma Cutma says:

I am looking for a text look like we had in PS14 where there were preset text selections built into the program. It Isses me off that these presets have been eliminated in later versions. I have not figures out to back fill just the block that the text covers. I do not want the entire screen back filled. I really miss the presets from PS14.

Joe Baginski says:

Another action packed segment. No one does it better (but I need to watch it over and over again…I guess I’m slow!)

DreamHax says:

Get your shit right your ficking titles makes me lose 10 frame at the begining and the end of it.

Kingdom Life Christian Church Bradenton Florida says:

Excellent video! Thank you. How do i put a background or motion background into JUST the text box?

Church of Christ George says:

Hi Maliek
When I go to the My looks section of Pinnacle to add a title, it says “There are no available items for My Looks category”. How can I fix this?

Hamza Boudhar says:

Hello, thanks for all your videos. They are really great.
Is is possible to write in arabic with title editor? I’m suffering here :/

Jerry WineBrenner says:

I get the text editing box but the text does not show in the editing preview window. It is in the timeline but never shows in the preview window. ?? H’mm. Help!

Zeriouslly says:

Ok I’m a newbie with 19 and it is completely different to the earlier versions that I’m used to. Can’t you make some vids that show the most basic operations of 19 or 20? For instance, watching this, all I wanted to know was how to save a title I’d made and put it on the title timeline. Because when I try it the title goes to the timeline but not the ‘The End’ writing I’ve put on it. And on the created title theres nothing to make it fade in or out. Well, nothing that I can see…
Maybe you should make some vids that are really basic – ie one with a fade in/out title, a captured video from a camera, and a fade out at the end, then a fade in/out end title. Because once we know those basic tools, over time we’ll figure out the rest of the program. The earlier programs (I’ve had 9 and 14) were really intuitive and I had them sorted no problem. 19 is a whole different kettle of fish and I get so frustrated doing the most basic things… its driving me crazy!

sweetspirits says:

lol the text made my day 🙂

Orca Sounds says:

I have an issue with saving custom texts to My Looks. When I save the text, it opens up my file Explorer and asking me where to save. Confused by this, I saved it in my desktop as a .ixlook file and when I try to drag it to Pinnacle Studio, it fails to import. It evens says there are no available items for My Looks category. I’m sure I saved it under the wrong file or whatever, but I don’t know where to save it when it asks me where to save it when my file Explorer opens up. Please help me.

Hoyland Wheatcroft says:

Really good to know how to do things the trick is to remember!

Mirko FPV says:

thx again for the video, very usefull as usual

Noval Pixel says:

My question is how do you import a font into pinnacle?

HystericalHolly says:

If I create and end slate with the text window and I want to save that end slate to use for my other videos how do I do that?

Joseph Junisa says:

I really wonna be a movie editor please help me out, you are very good in your teaching thank you

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