Pinnacle Studio 18 Basics Tutorial!

In this tutorial, I cover the basic actions that can be performed in Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate. I may have left out one or two things, but you can certainly request that I make another tutorial. Nevertheless, I hope you guys find this tutorial helpful, and please feel free to ask questions.

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Gitte and Graham says:

does it accept mp4 ?

Frederick Miller says:

I don’t use Pinnacle Studios so I can’t evaluate your video but it looks like you enjoy and understand this program. One question: Most of the programs like this that I have used come with very detailed explanations. Didn’t Pinnacle Studios have its own tutorial? Weren’t there others on line? What I am asking is why you went to a lot of trouble to create this video?

1967illya says:

Great job. I am familiar with the older versions. I used to have 7, 11 and 14. Now i have 18 but needed a tutorial. So i found this :).
Question. I can see my video files in media library, but cannot find the images/pictures. Any tips?

Idan productions says:

hello there.
1. to my first problem i found a way to impose effect on all sequnces – you do the effect on the first one and then you paint the rest and copy it to the all
2. will you be kind enough to explain to me how to create dark mask to enence subtitels?

martin masaki says:

pinnacle studio is the best.

Idan productions says:

hello there.
i have 2 problems with my pinnacle 19.
the first one: it doesn’t take footage from one of my hard discs and displays it on the left window. i can edit but cant cut footage unless it is on the timeline – do you have any idea?

the second issue is: i want to run an effect on all sequences. ctl A doesn’t do the job. how do i impose effects on several sequences together?

please help if possible.


Joy baileyvideo says:

How do I put a different picture video view from a different angle of someone making a speech so that I keep the same track sound of someone talking all the way through which came from a radio mic on the top track. I used to freeze the selected sound and cut and place the other picture view in place of it on the timeline on Studio 14. I don’t know how to seperate them on 18?

Michael Cook says:

Hey Guy,
Your video is great, but I have a question. I have put music tracks from pinnacle on my entire pinnacle video and the audio plays for 4 clips then the audio clip goes silent. When I go back and play the clip again the sound is on.
Any answers or suggestions?

Idan productions says:

thanks but i think it is something more fundamental cause i can edit with footage from other discs from pc but not with a new one that just installed. it something to do with definitions i guess.
and if you can help me with my other issue i will appreciate it very much.

thanks a lot

Idan productions says:

thank you very much.
i will try to understand the article.
btw , do you have any idea how to impose effect (for e.g color correction) on all the timeline in one move?
so far i didnt figure it out.
please your help.

Michael Gurst Sr. says:

In my Pinnacle Studio 19 storyboard, I am having problems trying to expand the track below the storyboard, so I can see the contents and be able to add transitions to them. Could you please, please, advise me on how to do a function that would allow me to see all my clips (that seem to be all squishing together), so I can work on the Timeline of that track?
Thank you in advance,

Alice Brewster Lets Talk says:

i need help i have this pinnacle can i do timelapse if so how?!?!? xxx

Idan productions says:

yes i did.
i added another hard disc but only than i installed the pinnacle 19

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